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This page contains an archive of news, product updates and blog content posted during 2008, if you're looking for something a bit more recent then head over and read our latest news items at - Latest News

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Posted 22nd December 2008 -

We're taking a short break over Christmas, you can still place orders via the website but we won't be shipping between 24th and 26th December.


VAT Rate Cut

Posted 25th November 2008 -

You couldn't really miss this week that the government announced a temporary reduction in the rate of VAT from 17.5% to 15% with affect from Monday 1st December.

Many of the sports nutrition products on The Feed Station are zero rated for VAT so our prices aren't affected too much, however, for all the products that are currently subject to the old VAT rate we'll be passing on the rate cut.

Officially the rate cut comes into affect on Monday but we're ahead of the game and have made the reductions already, you can see all the reduced items here - Sale Items


Powerbar Protein Plus Bars

Posted 3rd November 2008 -

We've just added a new flavour of the popular Powerbar Protein Plus Bar to our site, they're now available in chocolate, vanilla coconut and the latest addition vanilla caramel crisp.


Clif Shot Bloks - Now In Stock

Posted 29th September 2008 -

Clif shot blok chews are a semi-solid, easily chewable source of carbohydrates, they've been designed for endurance athletes – Cyclists, Runners, Mountain Bikers, Triathletes, Adventure Racers, etc. to give an alternative eating option to the regular bars or gels.

The chews are designed to be eaten 15-30 minutes prior to activity to increase blood sugar levels, and then every 20-30 minutes during activity to maintain energy levels and should affect your blood sugar levels more slowly than gel since they are semi-solid. As well as providing carbohydrates shot bloks also provides provides sodium and potassium to help counteract electrolytes lost through sweat. The orange flavour bloks also contain 25mg of caffeine.

Each blok provides approx 33 calories, in use they're much easier to chew than regular energy bars and have a great taste. They don't seem to give you the same instant energy hit you get from gels but if you're one of those people who don't like gels or just want an alternative to then you should definitely give these a try.

Order yours from - Clif Shot Bloks


Clif Bars - Now In Stock

Posted 26th September 2008 -

Clif Bar

Clif Bars have alway been one of our favourite tasting energy bars, they're made with all natrural organic ingredients and come in some great flavour combinations, the mint chocolate and the carrot cake bar being a personal favourite.

Get yours here - Clif Bars

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