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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Posted 24th December 2009 -

Merry Christmas everyone, we're not around for a few days over Christmas but will be back in shipping orders after the Monday bank holiday. We're offering 5% off all orders placed between now and the new year, use code XMAS-2009 at the checkout to receive your discount.


Sir Chris Hoy to endorse Science In Sport

Posted 24th December 2009 -

World and Olympic champion Sir Chris Hoy is to endorse Science In Sport products.

Full artilce from the Lancashire Telegraph below.

A RIBBLE Valley firm has been given a massive boost after Olympic cycling hero Sir Chris Hoy agreed to endorse its products.

Science in Sport, based at Brockhall Village, announced the deal yesterday.

Sir Chris, who has four gold medals to his name, will promote his use of the company's sports nutrition products for the London 2012 Olympics.

He said: “Nutrition plays a huge part in how well I do on the track and also in the gym, so if I want to be the best I can be, this has to be an important part of my ritual.

"Having used SiS products for the last 10 years and recognising the role they played in Beijing, I’m looking forward to officially working with the SiS team to get closer to them and develop this area of my preparation further.”

Science in Sport bosses said Sir Chris would be the first athlete to 'officially represent the brand globally'.

To kick off the endorsement, Sir Chris will feature in a series of online videos, which aim to give an insight into his training techniques, nutrition requirements and the mental strength he takes on to the track.

Pete Slater, of Science in Sport, said: “Not only is Sir Chris one of the world’s best athletes, he truly epitomises what SiS is all about.

"Having used our products for a number of years, he clearly appreciates that staying healthy and being the best you can be requires not just the right training and commitment to an active lifestyle, but fundamentally making the right nutritional choices as well.

“We all recognise the countless hours and dedication he gives to his sport.

"With the next Olympics on our doorstep, we believe this to be the perfect opportunity to use this to increase the knowledge among the general public of the importance of nutrition and hopefully inspire them to also be the best they can be.”

Science in Sport was established in 1992. The family-run firm's first products were used by 1992 Olympic gold medal winner Chris Boardman.

Now the firm said it 'fueled' thousands of amateur and elite athletes across the world.


Christmas Shipping Dates

Posted 8th December 2009 -

The last shipping date for delivery before Christmas for both Royal Mail and Parcelforce deliveries is Monday 21st December.


Just Added - Mule Bar MegaBite Energy Bars

Posted 17th November 2009 -

The new Mule Bar MegaBite energy bar, like a regular Mule Bar but in a handy bite sized pack.


Powerbar Protein Plus 80% Drink

Posted 13th November 2009 -

From the same range as the popular Powerbar Protein Plus Bar we've not got in stock the Powerbar Protein Plus 80% Protein Shake.


Postal Strikes and Deliveries Update

Posted 19th October 2009 -

Details of the proposed postal strike are now a bit clearer, whether you agree or disagree with the action it's a bit of a pain for internet business like ours.

Over the next few weeks we're intending to send as many orders as possible via the Parcelforce service to avoid any disruption to our customers. Normally we send all orders over £50 out via Parcelforce anyway but we'll be extending this to any orders over £25 or 1kg in weight.

The strike action see's Mail Centres and Network Distribution Centres strike on Thursday 22nd Oct and Delivery Offices and Collection Centres strike on Friday 23rd October so the main disruption is likely to happen towards the end of this week and into next as Royal Mail try and catch up.


Postal Strikes and Deliveries

Posted 12th October 2009 -

It's looking increasingly likely that a nationwide postal strike will go ahead starting on the 22nd October. We do use Royal Mail, especially for smaller orders under 1kg, so are looking at how we can minimise disruption during any strike action. Orders over 1kg are usually sent via Parcelforce who aren't affected by the strike action.

All our "free shipping for orders over £50" deliveries are via Parcelforce so we're not expecting them to be affected should the Royal Mail strike action go ahead.


High 5 Zero Electrolyte Drink Samples

Posted 9th October 2009 -

We've got some single serving samples of the new High 5 Zero Electrolyte Drink, we'll be sending them out whilst stocks last with orders that includes any High 5 product.


Science In Sport Marathon Belts - Back In Stock

Posted 6th October 2009 -

After sometime of not being able to get hold of them whilst SIS switched supplier we've now got SIS Marathon Belts back in stock. Buy one with the 8 SIS gels they're designed to carry in our multi buy offer and you'll save some money too - Marathon Belt Multi Buy


A Few Product Changes And Updates

Posted 5th October 2009 -

A couple of product changes and updates completed over the weekend -

  • Powerbar Ride Bars - now in 18 bar packs rather than 15, price per box goes up slightly but the price per bar stays about the same
  • Powerbar Performance Bars - now in 25 bar packs instead of 24 bar packs, the price per box stays the same price so it's effectively an extra bar free
  • Some minor price rises on High 5 products


Powerbar Energize Bars Now In Singles

Posted 1st October 2009 -

Now available in singles as well as boxes of 25 bars - Powerbar Energize Bar Single


Royal Mail Postal Strikes

Posted 28th September 2009 -

It looks like strike action by Royal Mail workers is continuing this week with deliveries to London postcodes being most affected. Orders sent via Parcelforce, which is the majority of our orders, aren't affected. We do send a number of small orders via Royal Mail (mainly orders below 1-1.5kg in weight) so if your order has been delayed slightly then please accept our apologies.

There are full details of the areas and postcodes affected on the Royal Mail website - Royal Mail Service Updates


High 5 Isogel Now Available In Boxes with 33% Off

Posted 21st September 2009 -

High 5 Isogel is now available in boxes of 25 sachets and currently with 33% off for an introductory period.


Royal Mail Postal Strikes

Posted 10th September 2009 -

As you've probably seen in the papers strike action by Royal Mail workers is affecting some postal services. The majority of our orders are shipped via Parcelforce so aren't affected, however, we do send a number of small orders via Royal Mail so it's possible these may get delayed slightly. As far as we can tell the areas that may be affected are as follows -

Today - Some areas of SW London

Friday 11th - Some areas of SW London

Saturday 12th - Some areas of SW London, Hadfield, Rochdale

Monday 14th - Cambridge, Slough, Norwich, Ely, Wigan

Tuesday 15th - Middlesbrough


Clif Bar Crunchy Peanut Butter - Back in Stock

Posted 8th September 2009 -

Good news, after being unavailable for a while, the Crunchy Peanut Butter Clif Bars are now back in stock.


Lucozade Packaging Changes

Posted 4th September 2009 -

Some more Lucozade Sport packaging changes, the products stay the same just with the new Lucozade Sport branding. The Recovery Drink flavour is now called tropical but it's the same orange and passion fruit flavour.


Bike Gel Flask Holders Back In Stock

Posted 4th September 2009 -

These have been proving very popualr recently and we'd been caught out nothaving enough stock, good news is, we've now got some more of Bike Gel Flask Holders in stock and there's plenty to go around.


Power Cut

Posted 4th September 2009 -

We experienced a power cut this morning which unfortunately caused a bit of a delay in processing a small number of orders. The power is back on and we're now shipping as normal.


New Squeezy Sports Nutrition Range

Posted 12th August 2009 -

We've now got some of the new range of Squeezy Sports Nutrition products in stock along with 10% off selected items. The Gel Racer Pack is pretty neat with the gel coming in a reusable gel flask to save littering courses with empty gel wrappers.


High 5 Energy Gel New Apple Flavour

Posted 11th August 2009 -

High 5 have added a new flavour to their range of energy gels, they're now available in apple as well as the existing banana, orange, citrus and summer fruits - High 5 Gel


Science In Sport (SIS) Organics

Posted 6th August 2009 -

We've added Science In Sports Organic versions of their Go Electrolyte and PSP22 energy drinks, Go Organic is available in Berry Burst and PSP22 Organic available in Fruit Punch Flavours.

The new versions are certified organic by the Organic Growers and Farmers (OF&G) and being organic they don't contain the sweetener Aspartame, here's how the organic and regular versions compare -

Organic Go Electrolyte

Ingredients - Organic Maltodextrin, Organic Agave Syrup, Organic Blackcurrant Juice, Fructose, Electrolytes (Sea Salt, Red Algae Seaweed), Apple Flavouring, Organic Elderberry Extract

Nutritional information per 40g/500ml serving - Energy - 151kcal, Protein - 0g, Carbohydrate - 38g, Fat - 0g, Fibre - 0g, Sodium - 0.35g

Regular Go Electrolyre

Ingredients - Carbohydrate (Maltodextrin, Fructose), Acid (Citric Acid), Flavouring, Sweetener (Aspartame). Contains a source of Phenylalanine.

Nutritional information per 40g/500ml serving - Energy - 144kcal, Protein - 0g, Carbohydrate - 37g, Fat - 0g, Fibre - 0g, Sodium - 0.23g

Organic PSP22

Ingredients - Organic Maltodextrin, Organic Agave Syrup, Organic Orange Juice, Fructose, Mango Flavouring, Organic Elderberry Extract, Sea Salt.

Nutritional information per 50g/500ml serving - Nutritional information per 50g/500ml serving - Energy - 189kcal, Protein - 0g, Carbohydrate - 47g, Fat - 0g, Fibre - 0g, Sodium - 0.2g

Regular PSP22

Ingredients - Carbohydrates (Maltodextrin and Fructose), Acid (Citric Acid), Electrolytes (Sodium Chloride, Calcium Lactate, Ptassium Chloride, Sodium Citrate, Magnesium Lactate), Flavouring, Sweetener (Aspartame).

Nutritional information per 40g/500ml serving - Energy - 187kcal, Protein - 0g, Carbohydrate - 47g, Fat - 0g, Fibre - 0g, Sodium - 0g


Paypal Service Interruption

Posted 4th August 2009 -

It seems that last night Paypal suffered a service interruption that prevented payments being processed, the outage happened around 6:30pm with service fully restored around 11pm. If you attempted to place an order during that time it's likely that you were prevented from completing payment. From our logs we think we can see which orders were affected but just wanted to pass on our apologies to all who were impacted.


New Isostar Products

Posted 3rd August 2009 -

We're now stocking some new Isostar products, including Isostar Hydrate and Perform Energy Drink, Isostar Total Performance Energy Gel and Isostar Recovery Drink.


New Clif Shot Bloks Fastpak

Posted 21st July 2009 -

Clif Shot Bloks are now available in the UK in the new Fastpak packaging making them easier to open and use with just one hand. It's a bit like using a gel, you just squeeze the chews out of the packet and straight into your mouth. In addition to being easier to use the new packs have allowed Clif to reduce the packaging by a third so they're doing their bit to minimise waste.

Each pack contains 6 chews, which is about equivalent to 2 sachets of energy gel and they're going to be available in Orange, Mountain Berry or Strawberry.


Possible Royal Mail Postage Delays

Posted 17th July 2009 -

It seems like industrial action by Royal Mail workers may affect some London postal deliveries today and tomorrow. We're not expecting this to have a major impact on us as we don't send many orders out via Royal Mail post but if you're in London and we're expecting something to arrive via Royal Mail today or tomorrow then it will probably now arrive on Monday.


NEW High 5 Isogel

Posted 9th July 2009 -

We've now got High 5 IsoGel in stock, the gels provide pretty much the same amount of carbohydrates per sachet as standard High 5 energy gels but unlike the standard gels IsoGel has been developed so you can use it without having to also consume water. It's a very similar product to the SIS Go Isotonic Gels, the pack sizes are the same and the nutritional content is almost identical between the two.

It's available in three flavours, Orange and Summer Fruits are non-caffeinated whilst the Citrus flavour includes 30mg of caffeine per sachet.

INTRODUCTORY OFFER - We're currently running an introductory offer on IsoGel if you want to give them a try, for every two sachets you buy we'll send you a third sachet free.


NEW High 5 Zero Electrolyte Drink

Posted 6th July 2009 -

High 5 have launched a new drink called High 5 Zero, it's an electrolyte replacement drink that has no sugar and is low in carbohydrates. Available in effervescent tablet form rather than the usual powder form, one tablet makes 500ml of drink (20 tablets/10 litres per tube).

The product is part of what High 5 are calling their 'Fat Burn System' which is basically limiting carbohydrate intake to encourage your body to burn fat during exercise. It's an ideal drink if you're looking to lose weight during exercise or for endurance athletes following a train low, race high approach where you're looking to train your body to burn fat more efficiently by limiting your glycogen levels during training.


MuleBar Strudel

Posted 1st July 2009 -

We've now got stock of Mule Bars in Strudel (apple, raisin and cinnamon).

Still not tried Mule Bars? Then give our Mule Bar Taster Pack a try and sample all the flavours on offer, they really do have some geat flavour options that are a bit different to the usual energy bar flavours.


Mixed Flavour Packs

Posted 29th May 2009 -

We're now offering mixed flavour options for some of our products. If you want the cost savings of ordering the larger pack sizes but don't want all the same flavour then pick the "mixed" option when selecting the flavour and we'll send you a mix of flavours.

At the moment it's only available on certain products but we'll be rolling it out to more products shortly. .


High 5 Protein Recovery Now Available In Summer Fruits

Posted 25th June 2009 -

High 5 Protein Recovery Drink is now available in Summer Fruits as well as the current Chocolate and Banana Vanilla flavours. The new flavour can be either mixed with water or milk depending on your preference. There's a choice of 1.6kg tubs and packs of 10 individual serving sachet packs.


MuleBar Mango Tango

Posted 23rd June 2009 -

We've now got stock of Mule Bars in Mango Tango (fair trade dried mango and cashew nuts).

Still not tried Mule Bars? Then give our Mule Bar Taster Pack a try.


Bank Holiday Shipping

Posted 22nd May 2009 -

It's Spring Bank Holiday on Monday so we won't be shipping orders placed over the weekend until Tuesday 26th May.


More Clif Bar News

Posted 15th May 2009 -

It's true, Clif Bars are getting smaller, they're now 50g per bar rather than 68g per bar. It's not all bad news though as you now get 15 bars in a box rather than 12. Most of our stock is now already in the new smaller sized bars.


Clif Bars

Posted 11th May 2009 -

It seems like Clif are going to be reducing the flavours of Clif Bar that they're bringing into the UK. Cool Mint Chocolate, Carrot Cake and Black Cherry Almond will no longer be available after the current UK stock has gone. So, that leaves Oatmeal Raisin Walnut, Chocolate Chip and the shortly to be reintroduced Crunchy Peanut.

I assume the UK sales volumes of the discontinued flavours weren't high enough to justify Clif producing the necessary UK packaging although Cool Mint Chocolate always seemed to be the most popular flavour based on our sales.


What Is It With Gel Flasks?

Posted 8th May 2009 -

Seems like everyone is buying gel flasks all of a sudden. Great as they are, they have always been a niche product but it seems that over the last few weeks everyone wants one.

If you haven't used one before they're a great way of carrying gels that allows you to use as little or as much gel as you like. They also get over the tricky situation of what to do with empty gel wrappers when there's no bins around.


New Lucozade Packaging

Posted 28th April 2009 -

Lucozade Sport have changed the packaging on some of their products, the products remain the same they've just been updated with some new branding


Website Problems

Posted 17th April 2009 -

As some of you may have noticed we had a few website problems from Wednesday afternoon, through out Thursday and Friday morning which stopped any items from being added to the shopping cart.

It's been a pretty stressful few days but everything is fixed now. Apologies to anyone who tried to make a purchase over the last few days and wasn't able to.


Easter Shipping

Posted 6th April 2009 -

As it's the long Easter bank holiday this weekend we won't be able to dispatch orders over the Good Friday to Easter Monday period, any orders placed during this time will be shipped on Tuesday 14th April.


Powerbar Fitmaxx Protein Power

Posted 30th March 2009 -

The Powerbar Fitmaxx Protein Power drink is now rebranded as the Powerbar Protein Plus Drink, same flavours, same ingredients, same nutritional content just a different name.


Powerbar Energize Sports Drink

Posted 23rd March 2009 -

The Powerbar Sports Performance Drink has been rebranded and will now become Powerbar Energize Drink. The actual drink remains the same it's only the packaging that has been changed.


The Feed Station Musette

Posted 12th March 2009 -

Just picked up the first batch of these musette or feed bags. If you're not familiar with the musette, it's a simple over the shoulder bag generally used by cyclists to keep their food in, you'll see them being handed out to riders in races like the Tour de France as they pass the feed stops.


Powerbar Energize Bars Now In Stock

Posted 6th March 2009 -

Powerbar Energize Bar, the more fruity alternative to regular Powerbar energy bars, are now in stock. They're available in Berry Blast and Mango Passion Fruit flavours, to order - Powerbar Energize Bars


Powerbar Protein Plus New Cappuccino Caramel Crisp Flavour

Posted 27th February 2009 -

We've got a new flavour of the popular Powerbar Protein Plus bar now in stock - Powerbar Protein Plus Cappuccino Caramel Crisp


New Powerbar Products Round Up

Posted 16th February 2009 -

Power Bar Pria Balanced for active women, 99 calories per bar with added essential vitamins and minerals including niacin for skin structure, vitamin E for the protection of cells, folci acid for normal cell division and calcium for strong bones.

Power Bar Protein Plus L-Carnitine, essential vitamins and minerals and high quality carbohydrate and protein mix. Carnitine is a protein that is essential in the metabolisation of fat, supplementation has been shown to contribute to improvement in energy metabolism.


Creatine Now In Stock

Posted 13th February 2009 -

We've just added two creatine products, Power Bar Creatine and SIS KR10 Pure Creatine. Creatine has been shown to be one of the most effective sports supplements and can aid with strength training and studies have also shown it can also help improve recovery for endurance athletes.


Torq Come To The Feed Station

Posted 11th February 2009 -

We're excited to be stocking the Torq range of sports nutrition products amd have just added Torq Energy Gels and Torq Energy Bars to the store with more products to follow shortly.


Powerbar Ride Shots Now In Stock

Posted 10th February 2009 -

Powerbar Ride Shots are now in stock, available in a choice of lemon or cola and in single packets or 16 packet boxes.



Posted 8th February 2009 -

We've had some delivery delays due to the snowy conditions, it may mean that orders placed over the last few days take a bit longer to arrive. Sorry for any inconvenience.


February Free Sample

Posted 1st February 2009 -

February free sample offer is now available, this month it's Science In Sport Go Energy Gel.


New Powerbar Products - Ride Shots and Energize Bar

Posted 24th January 2009 -

For 2009 Powerbar are launching a couple of new products, first up the Powerbar Ride Shots, which are bite sized energy chews with a liquid centre. The chews are based on Power Bar's C2 Max carbohydrate mix that's found in some of their other products and have no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

In the UK they should be available in Lemon and Cola flavours, the lemon one comes with added vitamin C and the cola one with added caffeine. Their official launch will be at the TCR show on the 7/8 February so we should have them stock around about then.

Also new from Powerbar (at least for the UK as it's been available in the US for a while) is the Powerbar Energize Bar. I think the best way to describe it is a fruit smoothie in a bar which as the name might suggest is primarily designed to be eaten before exercise to top up your energy stores. It will be available in Mango Passion Fruit and Berry Blast flavours and again should get it's official launch at the TCR show so expect stock around about then.


Free Sample Promotion

Posted 2nd January 2009 -

For 2009 we're adding a new promotional offer to our site where we'll be giving away a limited number of free samples. They'll be a different sample offer each month, this month it's Carb Boom Energy Gel.


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