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Delivery Delays

Posted 7th January 2010 -

Unfortunately the snowy weather is still creating some problems for us in terms of shipping orders.

After not having Parcelforce collections for the last two days we did manage to get some of the outstanding orders to the local Parcelforce depot today, however, we've been advised by Parcelforce that they're unlikely to move from there until the weather and road conditions improve.

Given the situation we're not able to make any delivery guarantees at the moment and you should expect at least some delay in receiving orders.


Delivery Delays

Posted 6th January 2010 -

We're aware that both Parcelforce and Royal Mail have communicated that (unsurprisingly) due to the weather delays are to be expected for their delivery services. We'll do everything we can to get orders to you as soon as possible, however, today we had no Parcelforce collection so that will inevitably have caused a delay for some customers. We hope you understand and will bear with us.

Royal Mail Service Update - "Several roads in many parts of the country have been closed by snow and icy conditions are making the collection, movement and delivery of mail difficult in many regions today. We are collecting from and delivering to all customers, wherever it is possible and safe for our staff to do so."

Parcelforce Service Update - "The snow and freezing conditions across many parts of the UK yesterday, overnight and continuing today are having a significant impact on our ability to undertake both deliveries and collections across the majority of the country."



Posted 6th January 2010 -

Just to let you know we're expecting a few problems with the snow today that may cause a slight delay in orders getting to you. We'll be shipping orders as quickly as possible so please bear with us.


VAT Increase

Posted 1st January 2010 -

As I'm sure you're all aware VAT increases back up to the standard 17.5% rate from today. Fortunately a large number of the sports nutrition products we stock are exempt from VAT so are unaffected by the change. At the moment we're not altering any of our prices but it's likely that some of the products that don't qualify for VAT exemption will go up by a small amount later in the year.


Atlantic Rowing Race The Feed Station 2010-01-04 Good luck to Richard and Steve who are taking part in the Woodvale Challenge Atlantic Rowing Race. After waiting nearly a month for the weather conditions to improve before the organisers could start the race they're finally on their way, we wish them a safe and speedy crossing. They'll be using High 5 Isotonic and High 5 Protein Recovery to help fuel them through their challenge. You can follow their progress at - Isostar Hydrate & Perform The Feed Station 2010-01-11 Looks like the Isostar new product packaging is coming through to the UK, the actual products stays the same but new packaging does include some useful info on how much to use and when to use the product for optimal results. Shots of the new Isostar Hydrate & Perform Energy Drink packaging below. SIS to become nutrition partner for HTC Columbia The Feed Station 2010-01-11 It looks like Science In Sport are increasing their cycling sponsorship activity in 2010, after recently announcing a sponsorship deal with Chris Hoy at the end of last month they today announced they're also to become the official nurition partner for Mark Cavendish and Team HTC Columbia (HTC Columbia we're supported by Powerbar in 2009). Peter Slater from Science in Sport, said: “Team HTC Columbia is widely recognised as one of the best pro-Tour teams on the circuit so it was an honour to be approached to become the official sports nutrition supplier to the team. We have worked with many top teams and riders in the world over the last 10 years and fuelled multiple victories in all the Grand Tours and are hopeful this partnership will help produce even more success." Science In Sport Superhydro The Feed Station 2010-01-12 It looks like Science In Sport are developing a new low calorie sports drink product called Superhydro. Here's what they're saying on their website - "SUPERHYDRO Virtually NO-CAL sports hydration, is a nutritional food supplement consumed for the purpose of meeting hydration and fluid replacement needs, particularly that of athletes and sports persons competing in hot and humid environments. SUPERHYDRO 15:30 will aid athletes with extreme hydration needs or those on calorie controlled diets, or with specific weight restrictions and targets." No idea on availability yet but the product sounds similar to High 5 Zero Electrolyte which was launched last year in that they're both virtually zero calorie sports hydration drinks with similar intended applications. More snow... The Feed Station 2010-01-13 We've just heard that Parcelforce have suspended all collections and deliveries for our area due to the frsh snowfall overnight. This will inevitably mean delays for some orders, please bear with us and we'll do all we can to get orders to you as soon as possible. Delivery Updates The Feed Station 2010-01-14 It looks like the snow is starting to melt and things are finally getting back to normal. Thanks for everyone's patience over the last week, if you're still waiting for your order to be delivered it should be with you very soon. The latest Parcelforce update is summarised below - With the weather now improving across the majority of the UK, our drivers in all depots are out delivering and collecting parcels as usual. There will continue to be delays to some parcels due for delivery in the areas covered by our depots that have seen the worst of the prolonged snowfall and freezing conditions. Many of the residential roads in towns and villages where we are delivering to have not been treated and some are still very icy, or in some cases remain inaccessible, and this expected to continue to affect scheduled deliveries this week. The situation across the country is improving sufficiently that we are able to re-instate our normal delivery guarantees from today. Race reports, these made us laugh... The Feed Station 2010-01-16 Triathlon Race Report Time Trial Race Report Mucky Races - The Gauntlet - 9th May The Feed Station 2010-01-21 This year we'll be supporting Mucky Races The Gauntlet, so if you fancy a challenge and like getting muddy it might be the race for you. Gel Flasks - now back in stock The Feed Station 2010-01-22 New Flavour - High 5 Energy Bar Coconut The Feed Station 2010-01-26 High 5 Energy Bars are now available in coconut flavour. High5 Energy bars are 98% fat free, made from real fruit and grains providing a balance of simple and complex carbohydrates for both fast and sustained energy. Sky Pro Cycling Chooses CNP Nutrition The Feed Station 2010-01-26 Team Sky has chosen CNP Professional, the Manchester based sports nutrition company best known for its protein supplements, as its official nutritional partner. CNP will not only be providing a cycling-specific selection of supplements, but will also develop new, cycling-orientated, performance-boosting products. “It’s true that CNP come from a power sports background – but they have increasing expertise in endurance sports, too,” says Nigel Mitchell, Head of Nutrition at Team Sky. ”The thing we liked about them was that they’re really, really focussed on quality and innovation. That attitude is vital when you need every last ounce of performance out of the team. Getting the right sports nutrition will give us an edge.” Team Sky’s winning start – including a one-two in their very first race, the pre-Tour Down Under Cancer Council event in Adelaide – underlines the value of an approach that is both competitive and innovative. The Sky Pro Cycling riders have already started to use the CNP supplements and Nigel Mitchell has been amazed by the reaction. “Normally when you make a change like this there are plenty of moans but no one’s complained!” he says. “We’ve been amazed at how well the products have transferred into cycling. For example, several riders have said that Pro Flapjack is the best energy bar they’ve ever had. The Pro XS bar is really popular, too.” The quality of the CNP products is reflected in their use of undenatured protein, says Mitchell, in products like Pro MR, a high-protein shake. CNP’s undenatured protein (see editors’ notes) is costly to produce but is better for tissue repair than the denatured alternatives commonly used in supplements. “We’re looking at all the CNP products to see what will fit with our regime,” adds Mitchell. ”One I’m looking forward to using is their multi-vitamin and mineral supplement, Pro Vital. What I like about it is that they haven’t gone overboard with the vitamins, they’ve kept it really well-balanced, so it’s right for the athlete’s body.” New Flavour - Powerbar Protein Plus Lion Crisp The Feed Station 2010-01-27 Powerbar Protein Plus is now available from us in a great tasting Lion Crisp flavour. Proteinplus 80% Lion Crisp contains only 3.5% fat and the 80% high value protein content is great for muscle building or for adding protein to your diet. Also, due to its slow release into the body, it is also a smart choice for recovery overnight for when you train in the evenings. Compared to whey protein alone, Proteinplus 80% has a much smoother, milkshake-like texture and this new flavour contains Lion bar chocolate, fudge and crisp pieces. The product can be mixed easily with milk or water. Powerbar Protein Plus 80% is also still available in regular flavours including chocolate, coconut, strawberry and vanilla. International Society of Sports Nutrition - Caffeine & Performance The Feed Station 2010-01-28 The International Society of Sports Performance has published a new statement regarding it's position on caffeine and sports performance. The statement is quoted below - The position of the society regarding caffeine supplementation and sport performance is summarized by the following seven points: 1.) Caffeine is effective for enhancing sport performance in trained athletes when consumed in low-to-moderate dosages (~3-6 mg/kg) and overall does not result in further enhancement in performance when consumed in higher dosages (greater than or equal to 9 mg/kg). 2.) Caffeine exerts a greater ergogenic effect when consumed in an anhydrous state as compared to coffee. 3.) It has been shown that caffeine can enhance vigilance during bouts of extended exhaustive exercise, as well as periods of sustained sleep deprivation. 4.) Caffeine is ergogenic for sustained maximal endurance exercise, and has been shown to be highly effective for time-trial performance. 5.) Caffeine supplementation is beneficial for high-intensity exercise, including team sports such as soccer and rugby, which is categorized by intermittent activity within a period of prolonged duration. 6.) The literature is equivocal when considering the effects of caffeine supplementation on strength-power performance, and additional research in this area is warranted. 7.) The scientific literature does not support caffeine-induced dieresis during exercise, or any harmful change in fluid balance that would negatively affect performance. Author: Erica GoldsteinTim ZiegenfussDoug KalmanRichard KreiderBill CampbellColin WilbornLem TaylorDarryn WillougbhyJeff StoutB GravesRobert WildmanJohn IvyMarie SpanoAbbie SmithJose Antonio Source: Journal of the International Society of Sport Complete Guide To Race Fuel The Feed Station 2010-02-02 There's a good "Complete Guide To Race Fuel" article in the March edition of Runners World magazine and we got a mention too :-) New Running Accessories The Feed Station 2010-02-04 We've just added a couple of new products aimed at runners, ideal for all of you who might be preparing for marathons or half marathons later in the year. The Run and Move Neo, a lightweight running belt made from neoprene, in practice the neoprene helps ensure a close fit and mininises any bounce as you run which can be a problem with some running belts. Run Aid easy grip running bottles, available in 275ml (1/2 pint) or 580ml sizes (1 pint) sizes. CNP Pro Energy Max Gel - Now in stock The Feed Station 2010-02-10 We've now got stock of the new CNP Pro Energy Max Gels, these gels have been developed in partnership with British Cycling and will be fueling the Team Sky riders in their debut season. The cola-flavoured gel is designed to not only give an energy boost but also maintain energy levels and heighten mental alertness. Here's what Team Sky had to say about the gel in their press release - "The energy gel comes in a 45g single-portion tear-open sachet and is designed to be taken during exercise or competition. What makes Pro Energy Max different is its formula, a targeted combination of caffeine for instant energy, guarana for slow-release energy, carbohydrates to maintain glucose levels, and electrolytes for rehydration. It also contains B vitamins that allow the body to convert the ingredients more easily, to deliver the energy boost to the athlete." Elete Electrolyte Add-In Now Available The Feed Station 2010-02-15 Elete electrolyte add-in allows you to turn any drink into an electrolyte replacement drink to help maintain hydration and can help prevent muscle cramps. 25ml pocket bottle will make 10 litres. Nuun Active Hydration now available The Feed Station 2010-02-22 We've just added Nuun electrolyte sports drinks tablets to our range. Just add one tablet to 500ml of water to create a sugar free electrolyte replacement drink to help keep you optimally hydrated. Apparently they're also pretty good as a hangover cure :-) Nuun tablets are available in Citrus Fruit, Lemon & Lime, Orange Ginger or Tri-Berry flavours. Nuun Single Tubes are available for £5.40 (12 tablets/6 litres) or try our Nuun Multi Flavour Pack and get one in each flavour for £20. New Lucozade Sport Products The Feed Station 2010-02-24 Over the next few months Lucozade Sport are introducing a number of new products, but the one that caught our eyes are the new Lucozade Sport Body Fuel Jelly Beans. They come in a 30g pack and are in a mixed fruit flavour with a rrp of £1.25 (coincidently pretty much the same pack size and rrp as Sport Beans) Availability is expected to be around mid March. New British Energy Gel To Give Wiggins & Co An Extra Edge The Feed Station 2010-03-09 CNP Press Release - British Cycling has worked with Manchester-based sports nutrition company CNP Professional to develop a new energy gel. Called Pro Energy Max, the cola-flavoured gel is designed to not only give an energy boost but also maintain energy levels and heighten mental alertness. It will be used by both Team GB Cycling and the Sky Pro Cycling taking part in the Tour de France. "The problem with being at the top of the game is staying there," explains Nigel Mitchell, Head of Nutrition at British Cycling. "GB Cycling is looking at every possible angle that can give us an edge, which is what Pro Energy Max is designed to do." Thus a key member of the gel's development group was Matt Parker, who heads up the British Cycling's 'marginal gains' team. The energy gel comes in a 45g single-portion tear-open sachet and is designed to be taken during exercise or competition. What makes Pro Energy Max different is its formula, a targeted combination of caffeine for instant energy, guarana for slow-release energy, carbohydrates to maintain glucose levels, and electrolytes for rehydration. It also contains B vitamins that allow the body to convert the ingredients more easily, to deliver the energy boost to the athlete. "We're very excited by the new gel," says Mitchell. "We asked our athletes to specify what they wanted in a gel, then CNP worked with us to develop a formula that met the requirements. The critical issue was to get the boost and then maintain it, rather than have the follow-up 'energy flat' that can sometimes happen. The guys at CNP, especially Kerry Kayes and Philip Connolly, invested a lot of time and expertise in getting the formula just so. This has been a really successful piece of partnership work for everyone." Another key element of the gel's development was the flavour. CNP worked closely with Nigel Mitchell and his team to ensure that Pro Energy Max is not only easy for the body to digest but also tastes good. Once the athletes had settled on cola, CNP developed several flavour variations before the final one was selected by the cyclists and the nutrition team. Mitchell says that Pro Energy Max will be used by the British Cycling Team across all disciplines, including track, long distance, mountain biking and BMX, as well as by the Sky road team. The gel is used in conjunction with fluids just before a big effort, such as towards the end of a race or at the bottom of a climb, or between rounds in events such as BMXing and track sprinting, to prevent energy flats. "Initial results have been excellent," confirms Mitchell. "The gel delivers exactly what the athletes asked for. "This is the first development project between British Cycling and CNP, but we are already planning exciting future projects that we believe will help to give us a competitive edge for the Tour de France, London Olympics and many more," he adds. New Science In Sport Build Bar The Feed Station 2010-03-11 Science in Sport have launched a new bar, the SIS Build Bar. The build bar is a protein based bar to help muscle building and recovery after exercise. Black Park XC The Feed Station 2010-03-15 A great days racing over at Black Park yesterday organised by West Drayton MBC. Black Tea : The new recovery drink? The Feed Station 2010-03-17 A recent research study published on the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) site has found that black tea extract can help reduce muscle soreness and speed recovery after high intensity exercise. A team of researchers from Rutgers University in New Jersey specifically studied whether "a high-potency, black tea extract (BTE) alters the delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), oxidative stress, inflammation, and cortisol (CORT) responses to high-intensity anaerobic exercise". The study was completed on two groups, one taking black tea extract and one taking a placebo over a 9 day period and completing a set of anaerobic intervals on day 7. The group taking black tea extract was found to produce significantly higher average peak power and higher average mean power; additionally the group taking black tea extract experienced significantly lower delayed onset muscles soreness (DOMS) compared to the placebo group at 24 hours and 48 hours post test. Mule Bar Summer Pudding now in stock The Feed Station 2010-04-12 We've had the Summer Pudding MegaBite bars in stock for sometime but can now also offer you Mule Bar Summer Pudding bars in the full 60g sized bar. Lucozade Sport Jelly Beans now in stock The Feed Station 2010-04-14 The new Lucozade Sport Jelly Beans have just arrived. The Lucozade Jelly Beans are available in a single mixed fruit flavour (orange and raspberry) with each 30g pack providing around 100 kcals and 27g of carbohydrate (not surprisingly very similar stats to Sport Beans). A full pack will deliver slightly more energy than your average gel although the real benefit over a gel is you can eat a few at a time rather than having to eat them all at once. Lucozade recommended eating up to a pack for every 30 minutes of intense exercise. They're ideal fuel for marathons as an alternative to gels and there's still time to stock up before the London Marathon. Bucks Off-road Sportive opens for business The Feed Station 2010-04-16 It's time to get your entries in for the Bucks Off Road Sportive... West Drayton Mountain Bike Club (WDMBC), one of the UK’s biggest mountain bike clubs, will once again be organizing the Bucks Off-road Sportive (BORS). The popular multi-distance event will be held on Sunday 16 May 2010. Chris Denman, former Southern XC champ and WDMBC chairman said, “BORS started off 11 years ago after members of WDMBC took part in the Hell of the North Cotswolds and felt that there was a call for a similar event nearer to London. From then on it’s just got bigger and bigger and this year we expect to have 600 riders.” Steve Keating, course designing aficionado, commented, “The Bucks countryside is incredible place to ride and I have designed routes that take in the best the area has to offer. The 121km route is tough enough for even the die-hard marathon rider while the shorter routes cater for groups and families that just want to enjoy the stunning countryside. It really has something for everyone.” A proportion of each entry will be donated to the South Bucks Riding for Disability Group who have up to 100 disabled horse riders and use and share many of the bridleways used along the routes. In addition, all those completing the event will receive a memento of the day. There are four distances available - 121km, 100km, 70km and 35km. All routes start and end at the Martin Baker sports and social club (Martinsfield, Tilehouse Lane, Denham Green, UB9 5DA) a mere stones throw from the M4 and M25. The routes are a mixture of country roads, public bridleways and singletrack and are clearly sign posted. Refreshments and aid stations will be well stocked thanks to generous contributions from The Feed Station. Professional photographer, Tim Fisher (, will also be on hand to take photos of the riders at various points around the routes. Entry is limited to 600 entrants and we expect to reach this limit in advance of the event. To avoid missing out you are advised to enter as soon as possible. Riders can enter online by visiting - BORS Online Entry Entry forms can also be downloaded from the event website or by emailing Chris Denman at New Science In Sport Mini Go Bar The Feed Station 2010-04-16 We've just got stock of the new SIS Mini Go Bar. Like the original Go Bars they're still fruit and cereal based but with a new recipe giving a softer and more chewy consistency (the consistency is actually not too disimilar to a Torq bar). The smaller size and new recipe are both designed to make them easier to eat whilst exercising. Although smaller then the original Go Bar at 40g per bar they still deliver 26g of carbohydrates per bar. SIS Mini Go Bars are available in two flavours, Chocolate or Banana Fudge at £1.25 per bar. International Deliveries The Feed Station 2010-04-19 With the current flight restrictions covering most of Europe deliveries to destinations outside of the UK are likely to be affected. Parcelforce have made alternative arrangements and deliveries are being transported by road but this typically means they'll take a couple of extra days to reach their destination. Smaller orders via Airmail are being held by Royal Mail at present until flights resume. Thanks for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience, we're shipping orders as usual so they will reach you as soon as possible. Bike Radar Sports Nutrition Reviews The Feed Station 2010-05-05 A couple of mini reviews of sports nutrition products just up on the Bike Radar website, here's what they had to say about the new Science In Sport Build Bar and the High 5 Isogel isotonic energy gel... SIS Build Bar "These chocolate and peanut-flavoured snack bars have been a big hit in the office. While we’ve found that some other high-protein bars have a fluffy, slightly bitter taste, this one’s far nicer – like a dense version of a Snickers bar. In a 55g bar you’ll get 20g of protein, 21g of carbohydrate and six grams of fat." "The protein should help you rebuild your muscle cells after a tough workout and stave off hunger pangs, while the carbs and fat provide much-needed energy. They’re an excellent post-training recovery snack, but at £1.79 per bar they may not suit everyone’s pocket." Get yours here - SIS Build Bar High 5 Isogel "High5's 60g IsoGel sachets contain 22g of carbohydrate and are more palatable than many similar products, with a fairly liquid texture and a choice of mild and inoffensive flavours – orange, berry or Citrus Plus (with added caffeine). Cost is £0.99 per sachet." If you want to try High 5 Isogels for yourself we've got them on offer at the moment, buy 2 and get a 3rd free - High 5 Isogel Save 50% on the CNP Cycling Starter Kit The Feed Station 2010-05-06 We've just added the CNP Cycling Starter Kit, not only is it a great way to try the new range of CNP products, as supplied to British Cycling and Team Sky, but at £49.99 it's also great value offering a 50% saving over retail prices. The starter pack includes - • 1 x CNP Pro Recover (16 Serving Tub) • 1 x CNP Pro Peptide 908g • 3 x CNP Flapjack Bars • 3 x Energy Bars • 3 x Energy Gels • 1 x Pro Hydrate • 1 x Pro Energy • 1 x 750ml Sports Bottle • 1 x Shaker Bottle Get yours here, for £49.99, whilst stock lasts - CNP Cycling Starter Pack New Flavour - Powerbar Energize Banana Punch The Feed Station 2010-05-11 We've now got the new Banana Punch flavour of the Powerbar Energize Bar in stock. Energize bars are similar to regular Powerbar Performance Bars but with added fruit content. CNP Pro Cycling - full range now in stock The Feed Station 2010-05-12 We've now added the full range of CNP Pro Cycling products to our store. These are the same products as CNP are currently supplying to British Cycling and Team Sky. CNP Cycling Pro Energy Bar Cereal and fruit based energy bar delivery time released carbohydrates, available in banana or berry flavour. CNP Cycling Pro Flapjack High protein oat bar for sustained energy and endurance, availavle in cherry almond, chocolate or chocolate orange flavours. CNP Cycling Pro Energy Max Gel Carbohydrate energy gel with caffeine, guarana and electrolytes, available in cola flavour. CNP Cycling Pro Recover Recovery Drink A blend of fast acting carbohydrates and proteins to promote recovery after exercise, available in chocolate or strawberry flavours. CNP Cycling Pro Peptide Protein Supplement An advanced protein supplement, blending fast and slow release proteins to ensure your diet provides sufficient protein for muscle growth and repair. Mucky Races Photos The Feed Station 2010-05-12 Congratulations to everyone who raced in The Gauntlet off road 10k at the weekend. We've posted some of the photo's we took on our website, you can find them at - Mucky Races The Gauntlet Photos New High 5 4:1 Advanced Training Bar The Feed Station 2010-05-25 We now have the new High 5 4:1 Advanced Training Bar in stock. The bar is a 4:1 blend of carbohydrates and protein which can be used during exercise or post exercise to promote recovery. Recent research has shown that consuming some protein during exercise can help reduce the rate of musle breakdown by a quarter and can increase protein synthesis/muscle repair by a third. The bars are available to buy now at £1.39 for a single bar. Cycling Weekly MuleBar Summer Pudding Review The Feed Station 2010-05-27 Cycling Weekly published a review of the Mule Bar Summer Pudding bar in it's May 20 edition. Here's what they had to say - "Full of natural ingredients, this bar's main carbohydrate source is rice syrup which releases quickly for energy and when paired with rolled oats provides a complement to these slow release carbs. Fortified with whey protein too, this tasty bar is a treat to get down and will not only provide energy but help to reduce muscle damage while riding too. Without the usual additives and sweeteners found in bars this is instead sweetened with natural fruits including apricot, raspberry and cranberries." You can try them for yourself - Mule Bar 24 Pack - £32.00 Mule Bar Single - £1.35 Coming Soon - Gu Energy Gel The Feed Station 2010-05-28 Gu Energy, one of the biggest selling energy gels in the US is shortly to be available in the UK. We're expecting stock to arrive in the next week or so. We'll be stocking a range of flavours including Chocolate Outrage, Jet Blackberry, Lemon Sublime, Strawberry Vanilla, Tri-Berry and Vanilla Bean. So far I've had the chance to try the Chocolate Outrage and Vanilla Bean flavours and first impressions are good. The gels are a blend of simple and complex carbohydrates (fructose and maltodextrin) and include electrolytes to help hydration. Taste is good with nice strong flavours and the gels have a consistency which is kind of similar to a Powerbar Gel. I'm going to try them this weekend at the Set2Rise mountain bike event so I'll get a chance to see how they work in a race situation. New Powerbar Energize Cherry Cranberry Twister The Feed Station 2010-06-01 The Powerbar Energize Bar is now available in the new Cherry Cranberry Twister flavour. If you haven't tried the Powerbar Energize bar yet it's like a Powerbar Peformance Bar but with added fruit content. Over the last year it seems Powerbar have reduced the number of flavours the regular performance bar is available in and have increased the range of flavours in the Energize bar (4 are now available which are Banana Punch, Berry Blast, Cherry Cranberry Twister and Mango Passionfruit). New Extreme Sports Beans The Feed Station 2010-06-04 We've just added the new Extreme Sports Beans to our store, these are like regular Sports Beans but with an extra caffeine kick. As well as the new Extreme Sports Beans in cherry flavour there's a new raspberry flavour available in the regular sports beans. New Caffeine free CNP Energising Gel The Feed Station 2010-06-08 To go with the recently launched CNP Pro Energy Max Gel we now have stock of the new caffeine free variant, CNP Energising Gel. The Energising gel is maltodextrin based for sustained release of energy and also provide electrolytes and antioxidants. Press release from CNP below - Just in time for the gruelling Col Du Tourmalet, the high spot of the 2010 Tour de France, GB Cycling has developed a new energy gel, in association with British sports nutrition company CNP. The berry-flavoured gel will be used by Team Sky to boost riders’ energy levels throughout the Tour – but they will surely appreciate its benefits most on Stage 17’s mountain-top finish, especially as they’ll be climbing by the steepest route. Called Pro Energy, the gel has three important benefits: firstly, it delivers a sustained energy boost, as opposed to the quick rush that some energy products give; secondly, it is carefully formulated to be gentle on riders’ digestive systems; and thirdly, being caffeine-free means that riders can take as many portions of the gel as they need during a ride. It joins the Pro Energy Max gel CNP launched earlier this year. Kerry Kayes, nutritional expert at CNP, explains: “We had to make sure the new gel didn’t just give riders a temporary boost, followed by a backlash in the form of an energy flat. Pro Energy gets round that by using ingredients that sustain the energy lift. At the same time, we wanted to give riders a gel they could use as often as they liked. So this one doesn’t contain stimulants, like caffeine, where the intake needs to be limited.” Another key issue with energy gels is ensuring that ingredients don’t upset riders’ stomachs. “An energy gel has to deliver a big boost in a small package, so ingredients have to be highly concentrated,” says Kayes. “We worked closely with Nigel Mitchell, Head of Nutrition at GB Cycling, to develop a formula that is gentle on the stomach. For example, citric acid flavouring is commonly used in gels, but there’s none in Pro Energy.” Pro Energy is supplied in 45g tear-open sachets that riders can carry easily. “Because it has no caffeine, the Sky riders will be able to consume up to two or three an hour,” says Kayes. “That compares to two or three per day if they are taking gels with caffeine.” Pro Energy’s ingredients include Maltodextrin, for a sustained release of energy, electrolytes for hydration and naturally occurring vitamin E, for its antioxidant properties. Pro Energy’s development follows hard on the heels of the successful launch of Pro-Energy Max. Also developed by CNP with GB Cycling, Pro Energy Max is a cola-flavoured energy gel that includes caffeine. Both gels are safe to use by sportspeople subject to IOC drug testing. Pro Energy will be available in the high street, through independent cycle shops. The single portion 45gm sachet will retail at £1. Gu Energy Gel now available The Feed Station 2010-06-10 After a bit of a wait we now have stock of GU Energy Gel. Gu gel was the world's first energy gel and has always had a huge following in the US but it's always been hard to get if you're in the UK. Thanks to a new distribution agreement it's finally now available to purchase over here. The gels contain an 80:20 blend of complex and simple carbohydrates along with amino acids for focus, energy and recovery, antioxidants to help prevent tissue breakdown and electrolytes to support proper hydration. The gels are available in Chocolate Outrage, Jet Blackberry (Double Caffeine), Lemon Sublime, Strawberry Banana, Tri Berry or Vanilla flavours and to help you find your favourite we're offer a Gu Energy Gel Taster Pack so you can try them all. As well as the taster pack they're available as Gu Gel Single Sachets, Gu Gel 24 Packs or Gu Gel 12 Pack. GU Energy Fuels Brazilian World Cup Team The Feed Station 2010-06-16 Maybe it's the GU energy gel that's the secrets to Brazil's soccer success :-) GU press release below - GU Energy Labs, the originator of sports energy gel, is pleased to announce that the world’s #1-ranked football team will be using GU Energy products for the upcoming World Cup. Brazil has won the World Cup an unprecedented five times, and this year faces North Korea, Portugal and the Ivory Coast in Group G qualifying in Copa Mundial play starting June 11 in South Africa. Led by world-renowned stars such as Ronaldinho and Kaka, the Brazilian footballers are known for their creative flair, huge level of fitness and relentless competitiveness. Unlike partnerships with past and present sponsors like Kyocera and Volkswagen, the team’s use of GU product will not involve commercial considerations. “We were thrilled to learn that Brazil’s soccer team will be using GU to fuel their run at the World Cup,” said GU President Brian Vaughan, “It is a superb example of a high-performance team using a high-performance product and continues our expansion into team sports.” Powerbar Ironman Perform The Feed Station 2010-06-18 Powerbar have just launched their new Ironman Perform drink in the US, no word yet on if or when it will be available in the UK market but it's one we'll be keeping our eye on. Here's what Powerbar have to say about the new drink - Ironman Perform is a serious sports drink specifically developed by the sports nutrition experts at PowerBar. Designed to enhance performance, keep you hydrated and help you push your limits when you need maximum energy delivery1 and cramp-crushing electrolytes. Ideal for use before and during high-intensity exercise and competition, new Ironman Perform sports drink delivers the thirst-quenching fluids, carbohydrates and key electrolytes athletes need to stay hydrated and fueled to help reach their full potential. New Science In Sport Burner Gel The Feed Station 2010-06-26 The new Science In Sport Burner Gel is now available. It's based on the popular SIS Go Electrolyte gels but inlcudes carnitine to boost fat burning. The theory behind the gel is that by boosting the levels of carnitine stored in your muscles you can become more efficient at burning fat as a fuel during exercise which means sparing your bodies more limited carbohydrate stores. It's ideal for endurance athletes as by becoming more efficient at using fat as a fuel should mean you can exercise for longer before depleting your energy stores. SIS recommend taking a maximum of two Burner Gels per day, but increasing your fat burning you should require fewer carbohydrates but you can also use them in combination with SIS Go Electrolyte Gels. New SIS Go Gel Packaging The Feed Station 2010-07-06 Science In Sport have updated the packaging of their Go Energy Gels, the contents remain the same just the wrapper has changed. If nothing else it makes it a lot easier to tell the difference between the Tropical and the Orange flavours. Powerbar Tour de France Competition The Feed Station 2010-07-07 If you're interested in cycling Powerbar are running a competition to be at the final stage of the Tour de France in Paris. To be in with a chance of winning - Enter Now Try the same sports nutrition products as Sky Pro Cycling The Feed Station 2010-07-07 CNP are currently offering the chance to try the sports nutrition products developed between themselves and Sky Pro Cycling and as being used by their riders in the Tour de France and all for a fiver. The Tour de France "Energy In A Bottle" pack costs £4.99 and includes - • 1 x CNP Pro Energy Max Gel • 1 x CNP Pro Energy Energising Gel • 1 x CNP Pro Energy Bar • 1 x CNP Pro Flapjack Bar • 1 x 750ml Bottle You can get yours here - CNP Energy In A Bottle Offer Do Sport Bars and Gels Provide the Energy of Sports Drinks? The Feed Station 2010-07-10 An interesting article appeared on the NYTimes website looking at research into whether sports bars and gels provide the same energy as sports drinks. It sounds like the research was at least part funded by Nestle (who own Powerbar) so I guess there's the potential for it to be biased slightly and it focussed on cyclists who generally find eating bars whilst riding a bit easier than say eating an energy bar whilst running but it's still worth a read. The full article can be found here - Do Sport Bars and Gels Provide the Energy of Sports Drinks? New Clif products now in stock The Feed Station 2010-07-14 We've just added a few new sports nutrition products from the makers of Clif Bar. The Clif Shot Electrolyte Replacement Drink which is designed to combat hydration by counteracting electrolyte loss as well as providing carbohydrates to maintain energy levels during exercise. Available in Cran-Razz or Lemonade. The Clif Builder's Bar which deliver 20g of protein from natural soya and nut sources along with 23 vitamins and mineals. They're also suitable for vegans and are free from any trans fats or hydrogenated oils. If you've not tried Clif products before you may be interested in our new Clif Taster Pack which gets you a range of the Clif products to try. You can view our full range of Clif products here - Clif Sports Nutrition SIS and Le Tour The Feed Station 2010-07-26 Interesting to see that Science In Sport fuelled all three riders on the podium at the Tour de France as the official nutrition partner to Team Astana, Saxo Bank and Rabobank. Road Cycling UK reported earlier in the year that Astana had been spotted trying the new SIS Burner Gel at the Tour of Flanders before it had been launched to the public so it's good to see them actively using their sponsored riders to develop and test new products. Image courtesy of RCUK, read the full article here - New SIS Gel Breaks Cover Nuun 8 Tube packs now available The Feed Station 2010-07-27 Nuun 8 Tube packs are now available, perfect for keeping you hydrated through the summer. Get a box in your favourite flavour or mix it up with a mixed flavour pack- Nuun 8 Tube Pack Squeezy Fruit Gums Back In Stock The Feed Station 2010-07-28 Squeezy Fruit Gums are now back in stock and in the new squeezy brand packaging. The fruit gums are specially formulated for use during sports and contain long chain carbohydrates and electrolytes. Get yours here - Squeezy Fruit Gums New In - Sports Beans Extreme Watermelon The Feed Station 2010-07-29 Sports Beans Extreme are now available in Watermelon as well as Cherry. Available in single or 24 box packs. Lucozade Sport partner Chelsea FC The Feed Station 2010-08-11 Lucozade Sport and Chelsea FC have signed a 3 season deal that will see Lucozade provide sports nutrition products to the Chelsea team. Full press release below - Chelsea Football Club is delighted to announce that Lucozade Sport has become the club's official sports nutrition partner. Lucozade Sport has been the official sports drink of the Premier League since its inception in 1992, bringing with it 18 seasons of experience in elite football. The sports nutrition brand will be fuelling the Blues for the next three seasons as the club looks to build on a hugely successful 2009/10 term which saw the team win both the Barclays Premier League and The FA Cup. Lucozade Sport's full range of 26 nutritional products will help Carlo Ancelotti's team be at 100 per cent for every kick-off, drive them throughout the 90 minutes and aid recovery effectively after the final whistle. Lucozade Sport Scientists will also work closely with Chelsea's backroom staff at the training ground in Cobham. Stewart Crooks, sponsorship manager for Lucozade Sport, said: 'We are delighted to be teaming up with Chelsea and believe our considerable experience in top-flight football will contribute towards the continued success of the team.' Ben Wells, head of marketing for Chelsea added: 'Lucozade Sport has an unrivalled heritage in the world of sports nutrition, so it's a natural fit for Chelsea as we aim for further honours this season. Working with Lucozade Sport means that our players have access to safe products that are proven to make a difference.' CNP Launch Pro Recover for cyclists The Feed Station 2010-08-11 CNP Professional has added Pro Recover to its range of cycling-specific supplements. CNP Pro Recover is a post-race and training recovery drink designed to give the body the nutrients it needs to recover after an intense cycling session. You can get yours here - CNP Pro Recover Or try the full CNP Cycling range with the great value starter pack - CNP Starter Pack Full CNP Professional press release below, issued 10th August 2010 - Sports nutrition expert CNP Professional has added Pro Recover to its new range of cycling-specific supplements. Pro Recover is a post-race/training recovery drink designed to give the body the nutrients it needs to recuperate after an intense cycling session. Pro Recover is available in a single, 1.28kg tub containing 16 servings, in a choice of chocolate or strawberry flavour. It’s easy to use and easy to drink. Just put two scoops into a shaker bottle, add up to 500ml of water, shake, and it’s ready. For optimum recovery it should be consumed immediately after a ride. Pro Recover contains a blend of high glycemic (fast-acting) carbohydrates and fast-acting proteins to aid muscle repair and strengthening. Pro Recover also contains antioxidants that help to limit muscle damage caused by intense exercise. Pro Recover contains 297 calories made up of 23.59g protein, 48.55g carbohydrates of which 48.45g are sugars, 1.05g fat of which 0.83g are saturates, 250mg Vitamin C and 10mg Vitamin E. Pro Recover is aspartame free and is suitable for vegetarians and those following a gluten free diet. It is also safe to use for those subject to IOC drug testing. More Lucozade Sponsorship News The Feed Station 2010-08-18 Not content with last week adding Chelsea FC to their list of sponsored Premier League football teams, Lucozade Sport have also announced 3 year deals with Liverpool FC and Arsenal FC to be their official sports nutrition partner for the next 3 years. That now makes them sponsor of 19 out of the 20 Premier League teams. Obviously being backed by GSK gives them the money to do this, it'd be interesting to now if all the players actually use the Lucozade Sport products. CNP Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer The Feed Station 2010-09-07 We're currently offering a special buy one get one free offer on CNP Pro Energy Max Gel and CNP Energising Gel. The offer applies to the following CNP energy gel products whilst stocks last - CNP Energising Gel Single Sachet CNP Energising Gel 24 Pack CNP Pro Energy Max Gel Single Sachet CNP Pro Energy Max Gel 24 Pack New Mule Bar Mega Bite flavours The Feed Station 2010-09-08 Mule MegaBite bars are now available in Apple Strudel and Licquorice Allsport. Same great taste as the full size bars but in handy bite sized packs. They're also still available in Hunza Nut, Mango Tango and Summer Pudding as well. GU Energy Gel Review The Feed Station 2010-09-13 The following review of Gu Energy gel appears in the September issue of 220 Triathlon magazine - GU ENERGY GEL What a rare treat! These great tasting gels from GU offer flavour, nutritional options and a unique stance in terms of viscosity. Instead of following the more liuid trend, they actually move closer to the texture or a mildly melted chew with all the flavours being perfectably palatable. This makes it easier to simultaneously breathe and eat compared to standard gels, even more so with a water chaser, and they permit a good fuel hit. Across the options there's a consistent slug of 25g carbohydrate that you'll need to consider when calculating your dose. In terms of specific nutrition with regards to performance, the various options permit you to choose from between 40-55mg of sodium, 35-45mg of patassium, a generous helping of antioxidants, and single or double hits of caffeine" Verdict - 84% - Great options: highly flavoured so may need tummy familiarisation. We're currently offering a GU Energy Gel Taster Pack for £7.50 as well as a range of single flavour and mixed flavour packs. SIS Go Organic Special Offer The Feed Station 2010-09-22 We're currently offering a third off Science In Sport Go Electrolyte Organic. The 1.4kg tub, which makes 35 servings, has a RRP of £33.50 but it's now available at £22.50 for a limited period. Certified by the Organic Farmers & Growers association, SIS Go Organic has been formulated to provide carbohydrate energy and electrolytes to keep you fuelled and hydrated and is available in Berry Burst flavour. New Nuun Branding The Feed Station 2010-09-23 It looks like Nuun are launching their new logo and branding at the Interbike trade show this month. As well as the new logo they've gone for the new marketing strapline "Sweat-On". To go with the new logo the tubes get a new packaging design although I guess it will be a while before we see them over in the UK. If you still haven't tried Nuun then check out our multi flavour taster pack - Nuun Taster Pack Mule Summer Pudding MegaBites The Feed Station 2010-09-24 We've now got the Mule Mega Bite Summer Pudding bars back in stock and they still taste great even though summer is now officially over for another year. Mule MegaBites are also now available in 5 different flavours (Mango Tango, Hunza Nut, Licquorice Allsport, Strudel and Summer Pudding). You can get them as singles for 75p each or why not try all the flavours with our MegaBite Mixed Flavour Box. Good luck guys... The Feed Station 2010-09-29 Good luck to the AXA Wealth team as they head off to take part in the Irish Challenge, a 3 day 500 mile cycle relay across Ireland from Blarney Castle in south west Ireland to Dublin raising money for charity. All the money they raise is being donated to St Michael’s Hospice, Cancer Research UK and the British Heart Foundation. You can donate here - Just Giving Irish Challenge Electrolyte Tabs Head to Head The Feed Station 2010-10-01 I've just been reading the article in this weeks Cycling Weekly on electrolyte tablets where they've put Nunn and High Zero electrolyte tablets up against each other. Nuun just edges it in their opinion due to Zero using artificial sweeteners. You can click on the image below to read the article. Looks like their prices are a bit high, you can get them from us for £5.40 for a Nuun Single Tube or £5.99 for High 5 Zero. High 5 Zero - Burn 41% More Fat... The Feed Station 2010-10-03 We've just got some of the latest point of sale leaflets for High 5 Zero highlighting research completed by the Faculty of Biomedical and Life Science at the University of Glasgow. I guess it's not really a big surprise (especially as the participants fasted overnight before the tests) with the study showing participants drinking low calorie Zero instead of a normal sports drink burned on average 40% more fat during exercise. Full details of the study are below - Peer-reviewed study conducted in the Faculty of Biomedical and Life Science, University of Glasgow. This double-blind, crossover study involved 22 recreationally active participants exercising at a moderate-intensity for 60min. The average increase in the total amount of fat oxidised (burned) during the exercise bout was 41.4 +/- 10% (mean +/- standard error) when compared to a leading commercially available 6.6% carbohydrate sports drink. The study was conducted after an overnight fast, with the exercise bout conducted early morning. The average value for increases in fat oxidation may vary between individuals and when Zero is compared with different sports drinks of varying carbohydrate concentration. Zero is not intended as a weight loss product. It is a low calorie sports drink, which can be used as part of a weight management program involving regular exercise and a balanced diet with restricted calorie intake. Zero can also be used for train-low race high strategies. Nuun Kona Cola The Feed Station 2010-10-06 Nuun is now available in Kona Cola flavour which coincides nicely with the World Iron Man Championships in Kona, Hawaii taking place on the 9th October. If you want to try them single tubes are available for £5.40 Nuun Single Pack Kurt-Asle Arvesen using CNP Gel The Feed Station 2010-10-08 Just saw this picture of Kurt-Asle Arvesen over on the Team Sky website, looks like a CNP Pro Energy Max Gel hanging from his mouth (click the image for a larger view)... The full artice can be found at - Team Sky Website CNP Pedal Pushing Power The Feed Station 2010-10-11 CNP Press Release - 8th October 2010 Recently sports nutrition specialist, CNP Professional, has been working alongside Team Sky and British Cycling to develop a range of supplements to meet the specific demands of cyclists. CNP’s new ‘race formula’ Pro Peptide, made at its purpose-built, 16,000 square foot manufacturing and warehouse facility in Hyde, near Manchester, is part of that range. For cyclists, CNP Pro Peptide offers a fast and convenient way to boost protein intake which aids in muscle repair and recovery. CNP recommends that approximately 2g of protein per kilo of bodyweight should be consumed for optimum performance. However this amount of protein is difficult to consume effectively through conventional foodstuffs. Pro Peptide is an advanced protein supplement containing a blend of bioactive ‘fast and slow’ proteins that provide both anabolic and anti-catabolic properties to help increase muscle power. It’s loaded with probiotics and prebiotics to promote an efficient digestive system and contains peptide bonded glutamine to aid muscle recovery. Supplied in powder form, Pro Peptide can easily be shaken up with water to make a tasty drink in a choice of strawberry, vanilla or chocolate flavours. Its ingredients include micellar casein, high fraction whey concentrate and isolate, hydrolysed whey and egg white. Cycling Plus 2010 Nutrition Awards The Feed Station 2010-10-12 It looks like Mule Bar Summer Pudding scooped the award for best energy bar in this year's Cycling Plus awards. In case the image above isn't very clear, here's what they had to say - Loaded with real raspberries, cranberries and blackcurrants, there's nothing in the ingredients list you won't recognise. The sugars from the rice syrup and fruit are absorbed rapidly, and starchy carbohydrate from oatmeal and oats provides a sustained flow of sugars in the bloodstream," says Hunter. Fancy trying them for yourself? They're available in the 30g MegaBite bar size or the original 65g Mule bar size. Summer Pudding MegaBite Summer Pudding Mule Bar. Mule Kicks Cherry Bomb Energy Gel The Feed Station 2010-10-12 Hopefully we'll be getting stock of the new Mule Bar Kicks Energy Gel shortly. The gel is based on 100% natural ingredients complete with cherry juice concentrate for it's anti oxidant properties and Himalayan crystal salts for electrolyte replacement. Now In Stock - High 5 Zero Xtreme The Feed Station 2010-10-13 We've just added stock of the new High 5 Zero Xtreme drink, it's similar to regular High 5 Zero but with an extra stimulant kick from caffeine. Zero Xtreme is a low calorie sports drink designed for optimal hydration during exercise and delivers a stimulatant boost from caffeine for when you're flagging to help focus and concentration. Dissolve one tablet in 500ml of water to give you a refreshing berry flavoured electrolyte drink with added magnesium and stimulants. As well as helping maintain hydration Zero can also help reduce cramp which has been linked to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. Priced at £5.99 for a tube which makes 10 litres so it works out at less than 30p per 500ml serving. Available to order now - High 5 Zero Xtreme Now Available - MuleBar Kicks Gel The Feed Station 2010-10-14 Thanks to the super quick order turnaround from the guys at MuleBar we now have stock of the MuleBar Kicks Cherry Bomb energy gels. We're offering single sachets for £1.49 or 24 sachets packs for £33.99 Available to order now - Mulebar Kicks Cherry Bomb Single Mulebar Kicks Cherry Bomb 24 Pack We've also heard there are a couple of new flavours in the pipeline for launch later in the year, it looks like Cherry Bomb will be joined by MuleBar Kicks Lemon Zinger (with guarana) and Mulebar Kicks Apple Strudel. SIS Omega Shots The Feed Station 2010-10-22 Just spotted these in the Full Gas DVD that follows Fabian Cancellara and Team Saxo Bank in the Tour of California. Looks like they're for Sience In Sport sponsored athletes only at the moment but I assume by the name it's an Omega 3 and/or Omega 6 supplement as there is plenty of research showing the benefit of these for athletes as well as the general population. CNP 2 For 1 Energy Gels The Feed Station 2010-10-28 CNP energy gels are now back in stock and still available on the 2 for 1 offer, for every gel or box of gels you order we'll send you another gel or box free. The offer is available on both CNP Pro Energy Max Gels and CNP Energising Gels and applies to singles or full boxes. To take advantage of the offer vistit the CNP page on our site - CNP Sports Nutrition Northern Ireland Delivery Delays The Feed Station 2010-11-12 We've just received the following update from Parcelforce regarding potential delivery delays to addresses in Northern Ireland due to the weather conditions - "We just wanted to inform you that due to severe adverse weather conditions overnight we have encountered major disruption to air and sea services to Northern Ireland. Contingency arrangements have been put in place to deliver as many parcels as possible today, but we expect this to result in some delays to express10, expressAM, express24 and express48 deliveries today. Where possible any outstanding deliveries will be made on Saturday." Cornwall & Northern Ireland Delivery Delays The Feed Station 2010-11-17 We've just received an update from Parcelforce regarding possible delivery delays for customers in Cornwall and Northern Ireland due to adverse weather conditions, details below - As a result of major flooding on many roads in Cornwall overnight, there will be a significant impact on deliveries this morning and possibly on collections this afternoon throughout much of Cornwall. We will endeavour to deliver and collect as much as possible today, but obviously this depends on when roads will be re-opened. Furthermore, adverse weather has affected sailings to Northern Ireland overnight which may delay some deliveries today. Press Release: Protein Supplements from CNP Help British Cycling to Best Road Results for 43 Years The Feed Station 2010-11-23 When British Cycling achieved its best Road World Championships results for 43 years at Melbourne in October 2010, it showed how far the GB Cycling Team has progressed. Sports nutrition plays a key role in giving the Brits a cycling ‘edge’, but recently they have been benefitting from a new strategy: using protein supplements to get the best out of their bodies. Nigel Mitchell, Head of Nutrition at British Cycling, explains: “In the past, cycling nutrition focused on energy. But when you exercise, there are changes in the body: muscle is broken and has to be rebuilt. The body uses protein to repair muscle and while a normal diet can supply enough protein for most cyclists, supplementation with a high quality protein can give athletes an advantage. These supplements may help protect the muscles from long-term injury and help the cyclist recover more quickly, train harder and thus improve performance.” British Cycling turned to CNP Professional, one of the UK’s leading sports nutrition manufacturers, and advocates the use of protein supplements in endurance sports. "Whilst CNP comes from a power sports background, the team have enormous expertise in endurance sports too," says Mitchell. “It’s a very productive partnership.” CNP now supplies a wide range of products to British Cycling including protein supplements, bars and energy gels. Protein supplements are designed to build, protect and repair lean muscle, without bulking up the cyclists’ bodies. “We've been amazed at how well the products have transferred into cycling,” says Mitchell. “For example, several riders have said that Pro Flapjack is the best protein bar they've ever had." Mitchell has no doubt that the emphasis on sports nutrition is getting results. “Both Gatorade and CNP are key to our performance strategies and have supported our excellent results at the recent Road World championships,” he says. Parcelforce Delivery Delays The Feed Station 2010-11-25 We've just had an update from Parcelforce to say they're experiencing some delivery delays in certain parts of the country due to the weather, I guess you'll know if you're in an area that's particulalry affected by snow - Parcelforce Service Update Due to adverse weather conditions overnight, we are experiencing some disruption to deliveries in N.E. Scotland and N.E. England today Parcelforce Delivery Updates The Feed Station 2010-11-26 Here's the latest from Parcelforce on areas where the weather conditions may affect deliveries - "The adverse weather conditions overnight are disrupting some delivery services today in parts of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, Aberdeenshire, the east coast of Scotland, North West Wales and North East England (including Northumberland, Durham, Humberside and the North Yorkshire moors)." We're shipping parcels as normal so hopefully those in affected areas will receive deliveries as soon as possible. Web Server Migration The Feed Station 2010-11-26 We're migrating web servers on Friday 26th November between 11pm and Midnight, there's is likely to be a short period of around 15 minutes where our website will be unavailable whilst the switchover from the old to the new server takes place. More Parcelforce Delivery Updates The Feed Station 2010-11-29 Looks like the weather is still affecting deliveries in some areas, you can read the latest Parelforce service update below. The snow hasn't reached us in the south east so we're shipping orders as normal so it's just means if you're in an area that is affected it may take slightly longer for your order to reach you. Parcelforce Service Update - The worsening weather conditions over the weekend are disrupting delivery services today in much of Scotland, the East of England (from Northumberland, Durham, Yorkshire, Humberside, Lincolnshire down to East Anglia) plus much of Wales and rural areas of Northern Ireland, Devon and Cornwall. Our drivers are out delivering in all areas and we are doing our utmost to provide as normal a service as possible, but there will be some reduction in our ability to perform adhoc collections today and unfortunately we have had to suspend these in some areas. We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding at this difficult time and again apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. More Parcelforce Delivery Updates The Feed Station 2010-11-30 Here's the latest information on areas in which Parcelforce are experiencing some delivery delays. Parcelforce Service Update - The adverse weather conditions are continuing to affect deliveries today in much of Scotland, the East of England (Northumberland, Durham, Yorkshire, Humberside, and Lincolnshire), Peak District, Mid and North Wales. Furthermore, snow spreading further South and inland overnight may impact on deliveries today in the following rural areas: East Midlands, East Anglia, Essex and Kent. Latest Delivery Updates The Feed Station 2010-12-01 It looks like heavy snowfall is still causing delivery problems in some areas. We've shipped all orders placed up to and including the 30th November and are shipping orders placed today as normal. Here's the latest service update from Parcelforce on areas that may experience some delivery delays - Parcelforce Service Update - Our drivers are again out delivering in areas today where it is safe to do so and are doing their utmost to provide as normal a service as possible. However the severe weather conditions overnight have caused major disruption to key transport routes, and this has severely impacted our ability to get some parcels that we collected yesterday distributed to the relevant delivery depot. Additionally, the prolonged severe weather in some areas is likely to cause delays to our deliveries today. This covers much of Scotland, the North East of England, East Midlands, Essex and the South East of England (Kent, Surrey and Sussex). This has meant that we have taken the unfortunate decision to suspend our delivery guarantees nationwide for all UK services for today and tomorrow. Press Release: Team Sky hails fantastic British-developed energy gels from CNP The Feed Station 2010-12-02 Press Release Date - 1st December 2010 Innovative approach gives cyclists direct involvement in development of sports nutrition products; team looks forward to developing partnership with Manchester-based CNP Team Sky has had an exciting first season, winning 22 races and stages and learning a lot from its debuts on the Pro Tour and in the Tour de France. The team also has a lot to look forward to in year two with new riders, additional staff and, especially, in the opportunity to build on the enthusiasm that it has generated amongst the public for a British-based road cycling team with the potential to take on the world. One area the team has focused on is improving performance through marginal gains – whether they be through better technology or by improving riders’ fitness and recovery. A key innovation has been to allow the riders to be directly involved in developing their own sports nutrition products, thanks to the partnership between T

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