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VAT Increase


The VAT rate increase from 17.5% to 20% with takes affect from today is going to affect some of our prices. Fortunately many sports nutrition products, such as energy gels and drink powders, are exempt from VAT so these prices will remain the same, however, other products such as energy bars do tend to be subject to VAT so are likely to increase by a small amount. We'll be reviewing prices of products affected by the rate increase and making any adjustments during January. We're committed to bringing our customers the leading endurance sports nutrition brands at low costs and all our prices will still represent savings over the recommended retail prices.

New in - Powerbar Protein Plus 92%


Just in, Powerbar Protein Plus 92%, is a highly concentrated blend of whey, milk and soya protein plus free amino acids for long lasting muscle build to compliment strength and endurance training. It's ultra low in carbohydrates and fat making it ideal for people who want to supplement their protein intake without additional calories from carbohydrates usually found in protein recovery drinks. Available in chocolate or vanilla flavours with each 600g tub making 20 servings when mixed as directed.

More GU Products for 2011


After GU Gel finally making it to UK shores in 2010 they'll now be distributing a wider range of GU products for 2011, the official launch is at the Triathlon, Cycle & Running Show on the 11-13 February and we'd expect to have the new products ready to ship around about the same time. Here's a taster of what's on it's way - GU Roctane Ultra Endurance Gel Gu Roctane takes Gu's regular gel recipe and tweaks the ingredients to offer you a premium gel aimed at endurance athletes. It's got everything you get in the regular GU gel including the simple and complex carbs, BCAA's and electrolytes but they've increased the amount of histidine to help combat lactic acid build up, added higher levels of citrates to speed up the conversion of carbohydrates into energy, increased the amino acids leucine, valine and isoleucine to help maintain mental focus and reduce fatigue as well as adding the amino acid complex Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (OKG) which helps you keep going longer and promotes recovery. GU Chomps Gels are great but sometimes you just want a bit of variety or something to get your teeth into, which is where GU Chomps come in. Everything you'd expect from a GU gel but in a semi solid chew. GU Electrolyte Brew GU have gone for a keep it simple approach with Gu Electrolyte Brew opting for just a handful of key ingredients. Complex and simple carbs in optimal balance, vital electrolytes at the proper levels for intense exercise, and all-natural flavors. It's been designed to be easy on your stomach and work in tandem with the regular intake of GU Energy Gel and Roctane. GU Recovery Brew GU Recovery Brew has been developed to help you quickly replenish energy stores and rebuild muscles after an intense workout. It includes whey protein isolate to help rebuild muscles, the amino acids Arginini and Glutamin to help promote recovery, a blend of simple and complex carbs to replenish energy stores and vitamins C and E to combat free radicals. Details on flavours, pack sizes and prices for all the new products can be found over on our GU product page and they'll be available to order once stock arrives in mid February.

Nuun announce new flavours


Nuun have announced five new flavours of their nuun active hydration tablets, we're not sure yet when or if they'll be available in the UK but here's hoping. The new flavours are pink lemonade, fruit punch, lemon tea, tropical and grape. Nuun are also changing their branding so you'll notice the new pack design and logo starting to appear on all the flavours once this starts getting rolled out.

Black Park XC Race - 13th March


If you're looking for some xc mountain bike racing on fast twisty singletrack then check out the Black Park XC race on the 13th March. New for 2011 the event also incorporates the London Singlespeed championships if you're that way inclined. Entry is via the website. New team kit The Feed Station 2011-02-04 We've recently been working on some designs for race kit for this year, there's still a few tweeks to make but here's what it's looking like - Fuelling Team Sky Pro Cycling The Feed Station 2011-02-07 If you're interested in cycling it's worth watching the "Fuelling Team Sky Pro Cycling: Diet and Nutrition for the Grand Tours" series of videos on youtube which talk about about the challenges of fuelling riders for competing in the grand tours. It also talks about how they've worked with CNP on their nutritional approach and on the development of the CNP Energy Max Gel. Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 -

GU gets in on the electrolyte tablets market


It looks like GU are joining Nuun and High 5 Zero with their latest product, GU Electrolyte Brew Tablets. Each tablets is 10 calories delivering 320mg of sodium and 55mg of potassium and is sweetened using Stevia, a natural herbal sweetener. Going by the US pricing it looks like it will be priced the same as Nuun so there's not much to choose between the two based on price. Nutritionally they're fairly similar, GU tablets have 10 calories versus 6 calories in a Nuun Tablet and Nuun tablets also provide calcium and magnesium rather than just the sodium and potassium in the GU tablets (I guess the thinking is GU gels contain calcium and magnesium so using the products in combination should cover all your electrolyte replacement needs). It looks like the only other main difference is the choice of sweetener with GU going for the all natural approach using Stevia whereas Nuun use Sorbitol. They launch in the US in March but unfortunately I think it might be some time before we see them available in the UK. However, regular GU Brew Electrolyte Sachets are now available or there's alway and the original electrolyte tablets from Nuun are already widely available. Here's the full press release from Nuun - GU Energy Labs, creators of the original sports energy gel, today announced the introduction of GU Brew Electrolyte Tablets – an important addition to their innovative line of nutrition for athletes. Brew Electrolyte Tables are specifically designed to provide athletes the electrolytes they need to excel on their longest workouts. The effervescent tablets allow the body to retain optimal electrolyte balance without providing unneeded calories. The tablets are also a convenient alternative to carrying bulky powders or additional bottles when embarking on extended workouts. Each naturally flavored and naturally sweetened tablet provides a careful balance of sodium (320 mg) and potassium (55 mg), for optimal hydration and functional simplicity. The balanced sweetness is derived from Stevia leaf, and yields only ten calories per serving. Simply put, Brew Electrolyte Tablets are an important new product for athletes intent on maximizing their performance. “The introduction of Brew Electrolyte Tablets offers GU another avenue to provide easily accessible endurance hydration to athletes who demand premium performance offerings,” said GU Energy Labs President Brian Vaughan, “The proprietary formula for Brew Electrolyte Tablets allows athletes to efficiently hydrate and perform at a higher intensity for a longer period of time.” GU energy products have long added to the competitive success of world-class endurance athletes including Ironman World Champions Craig Alexander and Mirinda Carfrae, as well as Melanie McQuaid, Conrad Stoltz and Michellie Jones. Brew Electrolyte Tablets will be initially available in Orange, Lemon Lime and Peach Tea flavors. Each 4.6-gram tablet will contain ten calories. The retail price point will be $6.50 per twelve-serving tube. It will be released to specialty run, bike and outdoor specialty retailers in March, 2011.

SIS and High 5 reach settlement


Just been reading over on Bikemagic that SIS are to receive a six figure sum from High 5. The payment is the result of succesful litigation against High 5 over their claims that High 5 products and formulations achieved better results for athletes than it's competitors SIS products. High 5 have also agreed to stop mentioning SIS products in future advertising or comparative advertising campaigns.

Press Release: CNP Joins The CiCLE Classic 


Hot on the heels of the announcement that TESCO are to be the new main title sponsor of the 2011 Rutland – Melton CiCLE Classic, CNP Professional Sports Nutrition have now been confirmed as the new presentational sponsor of the race. Already a force in British cycle sport via their partnership with Team Sky and British Cycling generally, CNP were on the look out for an event which equally might showcase their products, and in the CiCLE Classic and its associated sportif and cyclo-cross events they believe that they have found the perfect match. “The following that the CiCLE Classic now enjoys both locally, nationally and internationally provide an ideal opportunity for a company wishing to push their products to the forefront of the sport, and we are delighted that CNP, market leaders in their own area of business have chosen the foremost British road race to be their partner in their expansion,” commented Race Director Colin Clews. “Obviously the addition of a further significant sponsor alongside TESCO will hopefully assist in the securing of the race in its current international format for many years to come,” added Clews. Speaking on behalf of CNP, Business Development Manger Michael Coughlan said,” The response from Team Sky, British Cycling and cycling enthusiasts in general about our products has been overwhelming. We feel that being associated with this event will further increase our brand awareness within the market but also we are delighted that we will have a small part in ensuring this successful, internationally acclaimed race continues to be held this year and many years to come”. With foreign squads now vying for places at this years race based on the reputation that the CiCLE Classic now enjoys in continental circles, this years event on Sunday 17th April looks set to be the most hotly contested yet. For the first time in its seven year history the race will see a Spanish and a Canadian team taking the start. The KTM –Murcia Continental team brings to the race an experienced squad of riders several of whom can boast participation in Spain’s top races, including the three week Vuelta D’Espagna. Meanwhile the Canadian British Columbia team of Under 23 riders has amongst its named line up Cody Campbell, who last year rode for the top US development squad Trek-Livestrong,where he helped Tyler Phinney, one of the brightest prospects in World cycling to many of his victories. It has also been confirmed that the race will this year cover exactly the same 105 miles course as 2010, which featured for the first time a second ascent of Cold Overton Berg immediately prior to the first passage of the notorious ‘Somerberg’ special sector. Entries for this years race are now flooding in and with an organisation upper limit of 35 teams this year due to an arbitrarily imposed maximum of 162 starters by British Cycling, several regular teams and riders at the Classic may sadly find themselves excluded this year. For further information: Colin Clews tel: 01572 787726 mob: 07979 856262 e-mail: web: Background - The Rutland –Melton CiCLE Classic began in 2005 and was held for two years as a counting event in the British Cycling Premier Calendar series. It gained a nickname as ‘Britain’s Paris-Roubaix’ as a result of taking the riders over rough farm and rural roads as well as wide highways. In 2007 it gained sponsorship from the East Midlands Development Agency and as a result changed its name to the East Midlands International CiCLE Classic as it was entered for the first time onto the UCI international Calendar as a 1.2 race. On that first running as an international the winner was British Veteran rider, and former Tour of Spain Green Jersey winner, Malcolm Elliott. The following year the CiCLE Classic was excluded from the British Premier Calendar series by British Cycling, for reasons that have never been properly explained or justified. As a consequence the event has run as a self standing one day international race, the only one day event in Britain to hold international status since 2008. Following the 2010 event and a change of government in Britain the East Midlands Development Agency was closed down and although willing to continue sponsorship, was unable to so thererby placing the race under threat of cancellation. Until the timely intervention of TESCO and now also CNP.

GU to fuel Radioshack Cycling Team for 2011


GU Energy Labs have announced they'll be the official sports drink and del provider for Team Radio Shack during their 2011 cycling campaign. As well as Gu Gels the riders will be using GU Electrolyte Brew to fulfill their hydration needs during cycling’s most grueling events and GU Recovery Brew for quick recovery between race stages. Here's the obligatory press release quotes - Johan Bruyneel, Team Radio Shack Sports Director - "There is a collective energy radiating through camp this preseason, with the addition of a handful of dominant riders to an already impressive roster, Team Radio Shack is positioned for a historic year. We are fortunate to have GU as a partner. Their premium energy products are proven on the international stage and will be a valuable resource as we tackle the worlds’ most challenging events.” Brian Vaughan, GU Energy President - “We are proud to join forces with America’s most accomplished cycling outfit, Team Radio Shack, GU continuously strives to innovate and provide endurance athletes nutrition products that will help them compete at the highest level. Team Radio Shack shares a similar drive and progressive philosophy and we look forward to helping make 2011 a year to remember.”

Why Caffeine...


There's a recent post over on the GU blog as to why caffeine has benefits for athletes. There's a copy of the post pasted below are head over to the GU Blog to read it.

Why caffeine?

GU Energy gel and its younger siblings, Roctane and Chomps, have provided hardworking athletes with a small dose of caffeine, and for good reason. It boils down to alertness, delayed fatigue and perceived effort. Caffeine is absorbed rapidly by the intestinal tract and reaches peak blood concentration roughly one hour after ingestion, potentially increasing an athlete’s power output and/or training period. Studies have shown caffeine can not only increase the length of endurance exercise, but it can also make the work feel easier. Caffeine’s effect on the central nervous system can result in a reduced perception of effort, so winning will feel easier! Although the mechanism is not fully understood, consumption of caffeine before exercise can lead to a breakdown of stored fat. This can bring more free fatty acids into the bloodstream where they can be used for energy, thereby sparing muscle glycogen. As a result, exercise is prolonged and fatigue is delayed. Caffeine is well known for its stimulant effect on the central nervous system, and some studies have shown caffeine may have the ability to increase the release of adrenaline; the “fight-or-flight” hormone. This can give the athlete a “boost”, resulting in increased alertness and concentration. GU’s standard caffeine content is 20mg, but some flavors have no caffeine and some have double. The new Peach Tea Chomps offer the athlete a double dose of caffeine at 40mg per serving, so grab a pack and start training. References Astorino, T.A., M. N. Terzi, D.W. Roberson, and T.R. Burnett. Effect of Two Doses of Caffeine on Muscular Function During Isokinetic Exercise. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc., 42: 2205-2210, 2010. Hulston, C.J., and A. E., Jeukendrup. Substrate Metabolism and Exercise Performance with Caffeine and Carbohydrate Intake. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc., 40: 2096-2104, 2008 Anderson, D.E., and Hickey, M.S.: Effects of caffeine on the metabolic and catecholamine response to exercise in 5 and 28 C. Med. Sci. Sports Exerc., 26: 453, 1994. Cole, K.J., D.L. Costill, R.D. Starling, B.H. Goodpaster, S.W. Trappe, and W.J. Fink. Effect of caffeine ingestion on perception of effort and subsequent work production. Int. J. Sports. Nutr. 6:14-23, 1996. Nehlig, A., J.L. Daval, and G. Debry. Caffeine and the central nervous system: mechanisms of action, biochemical, metabolic and psychostimulant effects. Brain Res. Rev. 17: 139-170, 1992. Williams, J.H., W.S. Barnes, and W.L. Gadberry. Influence of caffeine on force and EMG in rested and fatigued muscle. Am.J. Phys. Med. 66:169-183, 1987 New Gu Sampler Multi Packs The Feed Station 2011-02-15 With the launch of a number of new GU products into the UK market we've added a couple of GU sampler multi packs to allow you to easily try the products for yourself. Go for the mini sampler to try Gu Gel, Gu Roctane, Gu Chomps, Gu Electrolyte Brew and Gu Recovery Brew or go for the full Gu Performance Nutrition Sampler to try all the products in a range of flavours. The GU Performance Energy Sampler shown below is available for £24.99 and features 6 x regular gels, 2 x roctane gels, 2 x electrolyte brew sachets, 1 x recovery brew sachet and 2 x packs of chomps. The Gu Mini Sampler is available for £11.99 and features the same products but you only got 1 of each in a single flavour. For the full range of GU products - Gu Sports Nutrition

Banana Nuun now in stock


Nuun is now available from our store in banana flavour. Banana isn't your typical sports drink flavour, at least outside of protein shakes, and I was a little sceptical before trying it but like all Nuun flavours it's quite light so not over powering and actually tastes pretty good. It also comes in a quirky 'it's bananas' pack design rather than the more plain packs of the other flavours. With the addition of the latest flavour we've also added a 6 Flavour Nuun Multi Pack so you can try all the Nuun flavors (banananuun, citrus fruit, lemon lime, orange ginger, tri berry and kona cola). As well as using them on their own you can also have a go at mixing the Nuun flavours to create your own flavours, some of them work surprisingly well. You can see our full range of Nuun product here - Nuun Active Hydration Tablets

Leopard Trek Partner Science In Sport


Team Leopard Trek will be relying on Science In Sport energy products to fuel they're 2011 season, many of the riders will already be familiar with the products from racing with Saxo Bank last year so it's a great endorsement for SIS that riders like Fabian Cancellera and the Shleck brothers want to continue the relationship with them for the upcoming race season. Here's the press release - Recognizing that hydration and recovery is equally as important to a cyclist as superior and diligent training methods, LEOPRAD-TREK has joined forces with Science in Sport (SIS) to help their riders gain that competitive edge even in the quieter moments of the race day. “I tell the riders every day that the way they rest their bodies and allow themselves to recuperate is every bit as important as riding their bikes hard,” Team Manager Kim Andersen explained. “With a product like SIS, we can be sure that the riders are drinking the right things during the training sessions and races, and that they will have the right energy boost in their post-race cool downs.” SIS will provide its full range of energy, hydration and recovery products to the team, including isotonic energy gel Go Gel, energy drinks GO, PSP22 as well as the recovery drink Rego. General Manager Brian Nygaard is extremely pleased to have added this sponsor to the team: “We take very seriously what nutrition our riders take; the products that SIS will provide us with perfectly fit our needs. I believe that our riders will feel the benefit of fueling their bodies so effectively.” Peter Slater from Science in Sport is equally pleased. “Effective sports nutrition plays an integral role in professional cycling; it is testament to our philosophy and product range that we continue to receive requests from professional riders for nutritional support. Working with riders from LEOPARD-TREK will help us continue to develop our range of energy, recovery and hydration products as well as ensuring the riders have the most scientifically advanced products on the market for racing, recovery and training,” he said. “It’s our policy to work closely with all our athletes and their support network to help improve performance. We are hopeful and confident this partnership will help produce even more success.” If you want to try the same Science In Sport products as used by Trek Leopard visit our SIS page - SIS Sports Nutrition Products

Final kit design


The guys at champ-sys have finalised our kit designed, hopefully you'll be seeing it at a few races later this year.

New Science In Sport Branding


Science In Sport (SIS) are currently going through a rebranding of their products. At the end of last year we saw the new branding appearing on the SIS Go Gels and you should now start to see the new branding appear over the coming months on other popular products in the SIS range. The products remain the same, it's just the labelling that has been changed, with SIS now aligning each of their products to one of four product families (Hydrate, Energize, Refuel or Enhance) depending on the main purpose of the product. For the full range of Science in Sport Products - SIS Sports Nutrition

The Story of Gu Roctane


We've recently started stocking Gu Roctane after it's introduction into the UK market earlier this month. It's one of those products that seems to have a bit of a cult following in the US market amongst endurance athletes so we were interested to find out a bit more of the background behind the product especially as the price puts it firmly in the premium energy gel bracket. If you're considering trying it for yourself the write up below from GU explaining how the product came about and how it differs from a regular Gu gel is well worth a read. The Story of Roctane Ultra Endurance Energy Gel This is what happens when we let the scientists run with pro athletes – they create products like Roctane and add graphics like this to the newsletter. But we thought you’d like to see one of your most powerful allies against early fatigue up close – Ornithine alpha Ketoglutaric acid (OKG) – and hear the story of Roctane and why it’s your best friend for hard, long efforts. That’s where the scientists come in… Let’s paint a picture here – you’ve been training and racing for years now. You’ve got general endurance nutrition nailed and you know what power intervals do for you. You stay away from junk food unless it’s after an Ironman in which case you may consume a truckload. Bricks have become fun and you’ve rationalized a training schedule that should get you committed to an asylum, or therapy, or both. And you know what wires get crossed in your brain after 10 hours in the saddle or on the trail, and what the effects are on those around you – or the voices you hear from imaginary people… So where do you go from here? We created the first gel in the early 90‘s and hopefully that has helped you progress in your racing career. But at this point you’ve got all the low hanging endurance nutrition fruit picked which means that recovery, both during and after the effort, is likely your critical training and racing challenge. Recovery after a workout or race may be coming along nicely. But how about active recovery during the race or workout? That’s a lot tougher to get right. That’s why we took the original GU Energy Gel and cranked the dial on all the good stuff, especially what you need to recover en route. Events like Kona Ironman, 24 hour solo mountain bike racing, Western States 100, Climbing El Cap, La Ruta – these are ultra- endurance events. They are serious endeavors for serious athletes. And they require ultra endurance recovery while on the move because you either need to get up and race again the next day or the event is so long your body has to keep going for a really long time just to get home. There might not be a turnaround point. And if there is, it might be 6 hours from the start. Roctane’s got all the important energy and electrolytes you need for such an event but this is where Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate (OKG) comes in. OKG is an amino acid complex that inhibits the body’s tendency to break down muscle fiber while also inhibiting tissue damage. This is critical when training and racing for multiple hours. In ultra-distance events, delaying fatigue is the name of the game. So that’s why OKG is in Roctane. You’ll also find histidine which slows down the nasty effects of acid build up in the muscles. Oh, and there’s a ton of other ingredients to help with ultra distance events: More branch chain amino acids – limits production of serotonin to lessen fatigue and increase mental focus. More citrates – speeds the conversion of carbs into energy. That’s really good at hour 8. So less fatigue, delayed acid build up, more focus, faster energy conversion, and delayed muscle tissue breakdown – all things that make a difference in ultra endurance distances. If you are doing shorter, less severe efforts there are other gels and chewables in the GU lineup to support your goals, namely the original Energy Gel and Chomps. But if you are going long, go with Roctane. As one Ironman champion said – “The stuff is like gold, traded behind closed doors in the old days.” We like to say This Stuff Works. Now go get ‘em.

SIS Go Gels Marathon Belt Offer


We're currently running a promotion SIS Go Gels, if you buy two 30 pack boxes you'll get a free SIS Marathon Gel Belt worth £6.99. The gel belt enables you to carry your gels whilst you run along with a small zipped pocket for keys, mp3 player, etc. This offer is on top of our already great prices on 30 packs of SIS Go gels which offer you a saving of £5 off the recommended retail price (RRP £30.00, The Feed Station Price £24.99) so it's a ideal time to stock up. Just purchase two boxes and we'll send the free marathon gel belt with your order - SIS Go Gels

New SIS Green Tea & Lemon Go Electrolyte

2011-02-24 Science In Sport (SIS) have launched a new Green Tea & Lemon flavour of their Go Electrolyte drink, we've got some stock of the new flavour in 500g tubs which also currently ship with a free SIS Drinks Bottle - SIS Go Electrolyte 500g Free SIS Bottle With 500g Packs The Feed Station 2011-02-25 The second of our Science In Sport offers - We're currently giving away a free 600ml SIS Wide Mouth bottle with every purchase of 500g packs of SIS GO, PSP22 or REGO.

MuleBar Kicks Apple Strudel Energy Gel


We now have MuleBar Kicks Apple Strudel energy gel in stock to go along with the Lemon Zinger and Cherry Bomb flavours. Strudel has always been one of the most popular flavours in the MuleBar range so we can't wait for the weekend to get out and give one a try. They're available in MuleBar Kicks Single Sachets or MuleBar Kicks 24 Packs and we've also added a MuleBar Kicks Energy Gel Taster Pack if you haven't tried any of the flavours yet and want to see what they're like. Although there are only 3 flavours currently available we've made the taster pack contain 4 gels as we've heard there's another flavour out later in the year.

Half price CNP Bars and Gels


We're currently offering CNP bars and gels at half price, the very same CNP products as used by Team Sky and British Cycling riders. Gels are available from 50p per sachet for the Energising Gel or 75p per sachet for the Energy Max gel. Energy bars from 75p for the CNP Pro Energy Bar or 60p for the CNP Pro Flapjack Bar. Limited stock available. To check out all the offers on CNP products visit - CNP Sports Nutrition

Press Release: Storey's Become Cycling Ambassadors for CNP Professional


CNP continue to build their presence in the cycling market with their latest cycling ambassadors. Press Release below - Leading British sports supplement manufacturer CNP Professional is pleased to announce that Paralympic “golden couple” Sarah and Barney Storey are their new official cycling ambassadors. The couple will be helping to raise awareness of just how important it is for athletes to correctly fuel their bodies for training, racing and recovery. Sarah Storey, who started her career as a swimmer winning five gold medals and who now rides for an able bodied cycling team, Horizon Fitness, said: “I am delighted to become an Ambassador for CNP Professional. As a company leading the sports nutrition world with the highest quality products, which are currently helping me to achieve my potential as an athlete, I wanted to be able to pass on this inside knowledge to other athletes. Train, Eat, Sleep – is the mantra most athletes will be familiar with, but in order to do all of those three things very well, sportspeople need great nutrition supplements and CNP Professional have all the options we could ever need. From the multi-vitamins taken in the morning, the protein for recovery, endurance plus hydration and energy supplements whilst training or competing, the range of products is very impressive and in flavours to suit even the fussiest of palates! The other great thing is having the experts on hand to tailor make a sport nutrition programme for any individual in any sport. CNP Professional is the complete package and I am excited to be their Ambassador.” Barney Storey added that “becoming an Ambassador for CNP Professional is a role I am excited and honoured to take on. As an athlete with type one, insulin dependent diabetes, finding great nutritional supplements that can support me in controlling my blood sugar for the good of my sports performance is very important. CNP Professional have a comprehensive range of products that are ideal for every athlete, and most importantly for a diabetic who needs to know how much sugar is in their system, the CNP products do exactly what they say they will do on the side of the packaging! I am excited to be an Ambassador for this great company and hope that together we can further educate the sporting world as to the importance of high quality sports supplementation.” Michael Coughlan, Business Development Manager for CNP Professional said: “we are delighted that Sarah and Barney have agreed to take on this important role for CNP Professional. It goes without saying what great athletes they are but more importantly they are very genuine people as well. The role of sports ambassador for CNP Professional is pivotal in our quest to get the nation to do more sports, have better diets and use the right quality sports supplements and we could not have chosen two better people to be the first of these for the company.

Black Park XC Race 2011

2011-03-17 Close racing was the order of the day at the West Drayton Mountain Bike clubs Black Park cross country event, the race circuit features a track that is pan flat and is a mixture of fire roads, some superb flowing sinewy single track with a couple of bomb holes on well drained surfaces which always results in fast and furious racing and this year was no different. As always the youngsters started the racing off and set the precedent for close racing and in the Go Ape sponsored under 16s although Josh Parkin pulled out a gap for a comfortable win over second placed rider Harry Franklin the battle for third was the highlight of the category and was so close a photo finish would have been advantageous. Elliott Phillips and Joe Broadhead went shoulder to shoulder round the last two corners and both lunged for the line like track sprinters and could only just be separated after 45 minutes of racing with the judges giving the final podium place to Phillips. In the girls race, regular Black Park winner Gretel Warner kept her winning streak up in convincing style. The fun event which followed saw the first club win for the promoting club, Diane Kendal beating team mate Jackie Cole with Louise Brown taking third to prevent a clean sweep of the podium place for the West Drayton riders as Karen Sawkins took 4th.In the men’s fun race the first couple of laps saw a real tussle between Tom Nye, Stuart Selwood and Simon Phillips as they continually swapped the lead but on the 4th lap Nye was able to ride clear to take victory by 14 seconds. The grand vets were not hanging about in their race and Rob Jackson clocked up another win for the promoting West Drayton club. The close racing continued in the Sports/Masters race with Geoff Beetham, Aidan Bishop, Nick Onslow, Crispin Doyle and Mike Jackson all rubbing shoulders on the fist few laps, first to drop of the pace was Jackson and then a small gap opened at the front and rear of the group as Beetham opened a gap on Onslow and Bishop with Doyle a further few seconds behind. Beetham kept the gap to take the victory by 11 seconds with Bishop just pipping Onslow to the line for second. If the sports race had been exciting to watch the elite/expert race was even better with a group of 5, Jody Crawforth, Simon Ernest, Ben Sumner, Scott Forbes and Steve James riding in line riding the technical single track at speeds most of the other riders could only dream of reaching. Through the finish area each took it in turns to lead, first to loose the group was 2009 winner Scott Forbes now riding for On One as he got gapped with three laps remaining. Most people were now plumping for a win by Crawforth the winner in 2010 but as the group went through with one lap to go Steve James was looking strong and Forbes had found a second wind and had closed back to the group. The last lap was run off at a blistering pace with Crawforth showing his class as he finally managed to open up a gap of 21seconds over Ernest who was second with Sumner finishing 3rd and a disappointed James suffering a puncture wrecking his chances . In the women’s Expert race an ever smiling Jo Munden had an untroubled ride to take the honours with Caroline Goward taking the sports class. The event also featured a single speed race which included the London Single Sped championships, with a £150 cash prize courtesy of the bucks off road sportive, the event had attracted some names and from the off Neil Richardson and Matt Page were in a class of their own, Richardson lead throughout the race with some impressive pedalling rates on the fire roads but Page was just seconds behind and kept the pressure on all the way to the line, 4th across the line was Roy Sheppard but this was good enough to take the coveted title of London Single Speed champion and the large trophy that went with the title. In the women’s single speed event Louise Robinson had a comfortable win as the ladies London title went to Abigail Armstrong who finished second with Ceri Donovan 3rd. Thanks to the generosity of the sponsors The Specialized Concept Store-Ruislip, Beyond Mountain Bikes,RRP, The Feed Station, Go-Ape and Dave Walford all the prize winners were well rewarded for their efforts.

International Society of Sports Nutrition position stand: meal frequency


The International Society of Sports Nutrition has just issued a new statement giving their stand point on the topic of meal frequency. Admittedly, research to date examining the physiological effects of meal frequency in humans is somewhat limited. More specifically, data that has specifically examined the impact of meal frequency on body composition, training adaptations, and performance in physically active individuals and athletes is scant. Until more research is available in the physically active and athletic populations, definitive conclusions cannot be made. However, within the confines of the current scientific literature, we assert that: 1.Increasing meal frequency does not appear to favorably change body composition in sedentary populations. 2.If protein levels are adequate, increasing meal frequency during periods of hypoenergetic dieting may preserve lean body mass in athletic populations. 3.Increased meal frequency appears to have a positive effect on various blood markers of health, particularly LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol, and insulin. 4.Increased meal frequency does not appear to significantly enhance diet induced thermogenesis, total energy expenditure or resting metabolic rate. 5.Increasing meal frequency appears to help decrease hunger and improve appetite control.

McRunner - maybe we should start stocking McDonalds...


Just been reading about McRunner, the guy who ate nothing but McDonalds for a month in the lead up to the Los Angeles Marathon and went on to finish 29th with a time of 2h 36m. It looks like Powerbar gels were also allowed so all's not lost :-) Article below from NineMSN News - A runner who finished 29th in the Los Angeles Marathon ate nothing but McDonald's for a month before the race. The runner, Joe D'Amico from Palatine in north-west Chicago, completed the marathon in a personal best time of 2 hours, 36 minutes and 13 seconds. The 36-year-old told the Chicago Sun Times the challenge combined his two loves, McDonald's and running, but he was not doing it for political reasons or to upset anyone. “It went just as I planned,” D’Amico said after finishing on Sunday. “The course was much tougher than I expected and the wind and rain didn’t help, but I felt strong.” He consumed 24 chicken snack wraps, 23 hamburgers, three filet-o-fish burgers, an Aberdeen Angus burger, 63 cookies and 91 hotcakes in the month before the race. He told the Chicago Sun Times the only things he consumed that were not the on the McDonald's menu were water, a daily multivitamin and the odd runner's gel supplement. Along the way he picked up more than 23,000 Facebook fans and raised $27,000 for Ronald McDonald House. He celebrated finishing the race with a Snickers bar but would "probably be back in a McDonald’s sometime next week,” he said.

Gu DermaCharge

Anyone falling for the GU DermaCharge April Fool?

GU Accessories Now In Stock


For all you GU fans out there, we've added some GU accessories so you can tell the world you're a GU user. We think the bike mount for gel flasks is a particularly neat design. GU Brew Water Bottle GU Gel Flask GU Gel Flask Bike Mount

The new face of Lucozade Sport... 


In a slightly surprising move we've just been reading that pop star Tinie Tempah is going to be the new face of Lucozade Sport. Apparently GlaxoSmithKline are going to be using pop stars including Tinie Tempah, as brand ambassadors, for the first time, as it looks to reposition its Lucozade Sports brand as the choice of sporty teenagers. The first new ad will be shown on television on the 12th April, during the Champion League match between Manchester United and Chelsea. It will also feature Travis Barker, the drummer from Blink 182, and Irish world boxing champion Katie Taylor. We're guessing the brand repositioning has got something to do with GlaxoSmithKline having now acquired the Maximuscle, Maxifuel and Maxitone brands and them wanting to avoid two brands competing for the same market.

Powerbar Energize Sport Shots


Powerbar are changing the branding of their Ride Shots to bring them in line with the rest of the Energize range of products, they'll now be called Powerbar Energize Sport Shots. Ingredients and nutritional content remains the same so it's simply a new pack design.

New SIS Products


Science in Sport are having a busy 2011, not only have they introduced their new branding but they've also been adding new products as well. We've just been updating our website with some of the new products that are now available. SIS Smart 1 Energy Drink is a new carbohydrate energy drink with electrolytes, antioxidants, carnitine and caffeine. The idea of combining caffeine and carbohydrate is caffeine works as driver in carbohydrate metabolism and can help give athletes a timely boost over short distances or towards the end of longer endurance events. Available in Single Sachets, 18 Sachet Packs or 500g tubs. The SIS Mini Go Bars have been around for a while now but they're now available in Blueberry and Redberry flavours. The new branding you'll start to see across the whole range introduces an 'at a glance' grouping system, which will feature on packaging and also takes into consideration the mis-use of some supplements and better advises customers on the optimal use of its product, particularly when to consume each. The four 'groups' developed by the brand are Energize, Hydrate, Recover and Enhance. Energize will include products such as their bars, energy drinks and gels. Hydrate branding covers the Go Electrolyte and Superhydro products. Recover is based around the Rego and Rego Rapid protein formulas and finally, the Enhance label covers all product that is more centered around long-term gains. The flavour of each sachet, gel, bar or any other SIS branded product will now take pride of place at the top of the packaging.

New improved flavour CNP cola gels now in stock


CNP have been working on improving the flavour of their cola gels over the last few months and we've now got the new improved flavoured CNP Energy Max Gels in stock. After trying one they do seem like a big improvement in terms of flavour and have a more familiar cola taste.

Powerbar's new IsoActive & IsoMax Sports Drinks


Powerbar are introducing a couple of new sports drinks over the next month, they're not quite available to purchase yet but here's a heads up on what's in the pipeline. There's two new drinks, IsoActive and IsoMax, both contain all 5 key electrolytes (Sodium, Chloride, Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium) in the ratio lost through sweat and Powerbar's C2MAX carb mix of glucose and fructose sources. Where IsoMax differs is it also contains caffeine to boost mental focus and PeptoPro protein hydrolysate to help you perform longer by delaying the onset and fatigue and kick start recovery. As the body gets desensitised to caffeine the best approach would be to use the IsoActive as your regular every day training drink and save IsoMax for race day or specific key training sessions. Powerbar IsoActive Available in lemon, orange or red fruit punch with the option of 1320g, 600g or 33g single serving sachets. For more information - Powerbar IsoActive Powerbar IsoMax Available in Blood Orange flavour and with the choice of 1200g or 50g single serving packs. For more information - Powerbar IsoMax

Powerbar Fruit Gel


More new products on the way from Powerbar, this time it's a new energy gel, the Powerbar Fruit Gel. As the name suggests it's made from real fruit concentrate but what you can't tell from the name is it's been developed to have a more liquid consistency than the current Powerbar Fast Fuel Gels which should make it quicker to get down when you're racing. Like many Powerbar products it's based on their C2MAX carb mix of glucose and fructose sources, which their research suggest can increase the amount of energy available to your muscles by upto 55%. The other element worthy of mention is each sachets packs in 300mg of sodium (the key electrolyte lost through sweat), which we think is the highest on the market at the moment. The current Fast Fuel Gels also have quite a high sodium content compared to other brands at 210mg per sachet so the new Fruit Gel is quite a way ahead in terms of sodium content. For comparison there's only 40mg of sodium in a GU gel and around 10mg in an SIS Go Gel. Exactly how much sodium is going to be a personal thing and depend on the conditions you're exercising in, but if you sweat a lot or are competing in hot conditions they may be worth trying.

Cycling Weekly CNP Article


A four page article on CNP Sports Nutrition and their work with Team Sky Pro Cycling appeared in last weeks Cycling Weekly (26 May 2011 edition). It talks about nutrition in general and some of the work CNP have been doing to develop products specifically for Team Sky and British Cycling. There's a scanned copy of the article below, you should be able to click the images to enlarge them - Cyclist No.1 MuleBar Kicks Review The Feed Station 2011-06-03 "All these lovely organic ingredients, clever packaging design and goodwill do come at a price. MuleBar gels start at £1.50 per gel so they're definitely at the higher end of the market on price. But overall, the MuleBar Kicks Gels do what they say on the packet and the strong flavours really 'kick'. They deliver on flavour and are easily absorbed, and the effective tear off tab is an added bonus." You can read the full review at - Seems the only downside they found is the price so it's lucky we've got them on special offer at the moment - MuleBar Kicks Energy Gels

Nuun Drinks Bottle Offer


For a limited period we're giving away free Nuun water bottles with purchases of selected Nuun products. The free bottle offer is available on - •Nuun Multi Flavour Pack (4 Tubes) •Nuun Multi Flavour Pack (6 Tubes) •Nuun 8 Tube Packs Just add any of the above items to your order and we'll send you the free bottle in with your order. Order more than one of the above and you'll get a free bottle for each item you order. To see our full range of Nuun products - Nuun Electrolyte Hydration

Beastway Round 4


Keith headed to Redbridge Cycle Centre last week to race Round 4 of the Beastway Evening MTB series and finished 3rd in the Masters category.

CNP updates its energy gels..


The following article has just appeared on Bike Magic regarding the updated CNP Pro Energy Max Gel, we've got the new improved flavour in stock and after trying it for ourselves can confirm it's a definite improvement in terms of taste.  The full text of the article appears below or you can read on Bike Magic - Manchester-based sports nutrition company CNP has relaunched its Pro Energy Max gel with an improved flavour. The improved gel is “down on the sweetness and up on the cola flavour,” according to CNP’s marketing manager Paul Riley. “We’ve responded to customer feedback – the feeling was that while the product worked very well, the taste wasn’t right." The energy gel, which is supplied in 45gm, single-portion, tear-open sachets, was the result of a product development partnership with Team Sky and Great Britain Cycling. “The reaction to the new flavour has been great, really positive – in taste panel tests everyone has been very complimentary," Paul adds. The Pro Energy Max formula is a targeted combination of caffeine for instant energy, guarana for slow-release energy, carbohydrates to maintain glucose levels, and electrolytes for rehydration. It also contains B vitamins that allow the body to convert the ingredients more easily, to deliver the energy boost to the athlete. “The critical issue was to get the boost and then maintain it, rather than have the follow-up 'energy flat' that can sometimes happen,” explains Nigel Mitchell, Head of Nutrition at GB Cycling. “Results have been excellent: the gel delivers exactly what the athletes asked for.” The new Pro Energy Max gel is available in the high street and through sports and nutrition retailers and independent cycle shops. The single portion 45gm sachet retails at £1.49 and it is also available in boxes of 24.

Gel Flask Bike Mounts Back In Stock


We've had a few enquiries about availability of bike mounts for gel flasks, we've got a few GU ones back in stock but only very limited numbers.  GU Gel Flask Bike Mount Coming Soon:

GU Espresso Love


GU energy gels seem to be getting increasingly popular so we're pleased to announce that an extra flavour will shortly be available in the UK. The new flavour, Espresso Love, should be available from July.

New Product Round Up


A brief round up of new products that are now in stock. High 5 Marathon Race Pack - The pack contains a step-by-step nutrition guide for every major run distance and enough nutrition for a 4 hour event. Currently reduced from £9.99 to £8.49. Powerbar Fruit Gel - A new gel product from Powerbar made from real fruit juice concentrate and with a more liquid composition and real fruit taste than the regular Powerbar Fast Fuel Gels. Available in Red Fruit Punch or Mango Passion Fruit in either single or 24 packs. Powerbar Iso Active - designed for everyday training to help you stay hydrated and energized, provides the body with all 5 main electrolytes (Sodium, Chloride, Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium) in the ratio lost through sweat along with Powerbar's C2MAX carb mix of glucose and fructose sources. Available in Red Fruit Punch, Orange or Lemon and contains no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

ZipVit fuel AG2R for 2011 Tour de France


The French Pro Tour Team, AG2R, will be fuelled by ZipVit Sports Nutrition products for their 2011 Tour de France Campaign. The deal was signed last week at the team’s HQ and Zipvit will supply energy bars, gels, chews and recovery and energy drinks from its Project ZV range. Warren Bailey, CEO of Zipvit Sport said: "We are very proud to be part of the team, with riders such as Nicolas Roche, Christophe Riblon, John Gadret and Jean-Christophe Peraud, who all have great prospects of success. "We also have the opportunity to work closely with the team and further develop our product range using feedback from some of the best riders in the world, which will benefit athletes at every level using Zipvit Sport." Vincent Lavenu, manager of the Ag2r team, added: "Zipvit Sport develop cutting edge products for top level endurance athletes and we are delighted to begin this partnership which will see the team benefit from using the Project ZV range. We also look forward to working with Zipvit Sport in product development as they continue to use the latest scientific research to produce sports nutrition products for cyclists and endurance athletes."

Powerbar Tour de France Promo Video


Just been watching the Powerbar Tour de France promo video, riders will get through 22,000 Powerbar Bars and 20,000 Powerbar Gels during the 3 week race. With 198 riders taking part I make them well over 100 bars and gel per rider and that's before you even factor in that many teams will have their own sports nutrition suppliers/sponsors. MuleBar Compostable Wrappers The Feed Station 2011-07-04 Just opened a box of MuleBar Apple Strudel energy bars from the latest delivery and see they've made the switch to new compostable wrappers.

GU Chomps Review


We sent cyclist and triathlete, Kevin Holt, some GU Chomps to test out. After trying them in training and liking them he'll now be using them as part of his nutrition strategy for the Outlaw Triathlon in a few weeks. "Having used them on long, hard training rides of late, I made sure I stuck with their guidelines. Eating a single chomp every 10 to 15 minutes is more than a little different to how I normally eat then take a gell every 40mins i have found that the amount I would eat over a long training ride was less than I expected, volume wise. The bonus here is not feeling bloated and hungry at the end of the session. so when i come off the bike for the marathon leaves me with no solid food inside me, The packet could be left open easily so I could just squeeze another Chomp in as required. That is a bit easier than having a semi open energy bar. So in use, I enjoyed GU Chomps and i will be just using these on the bike from now on maybe even for my 50mile run race in feb 2012. My hunger was satiated while training, they were easy to eat and digest, and pretty tasty as well. All up, I would be happy to recommend them. I think they would work better for some athletes and some courses more than others. If you have time to get things from your pocket frequently, and dislike gels, you should look into GU Chomps. If your racing style or the race course itself prevents frequently jamming your hand in a jersey pocket, or use a fuel bag on the stem and take the sweets out the bag and leave them in there." Gu Chomps are available from £2.69 per singe pack and available in a choice of orange or strawberry flavours - GU Chomps Energy Sweets

Team Sky's Bedtime Drink


Team Sky Pro Cycling posted an article on their site about their use of CNP Pro Peptide to fuel night tim recover - RESTORING RIDERS’ MUSCLES WITH CNP PROPEPTIDE: TEAM SKY’S BEDTIME DRINK After the rigours of a long day in the saddle, all riders need to replace the muscle protein damaged by hard efforts. Team Sky uses CNP ProPeptide to help with this essential recovery process. Ben Swift shows the effort of a hard day at the Tour. Providing protein to the muscles is a vital part of recovery. For many cyclists protein has long been a dirty word. Associations with bulked-up body-builders have ensured that protein is often accorded less significance in some cyclists’ nutritional regime than energy-giving carbohydrate. However, as Team Sky Head of Nutrition Nigel Mitchell explains, protein plays an essential role in aiding recovery after effort and repairing damaged muscle fibres. “Cyclists have often taken their eye off the ball when it comes to protein,” says Mitchell. “They have tended to focus on carbs and not attached too much importance to protein at all. But fitness is driven at muscle level and protein plays an essential role in that. Of course, there is an association between protein and building muscle mass. But what all cyclists have to realise is that to increase their endurance they need to involve protein in the process.” Mitchell’s view is backed up by Paul Riley, Marketing Manager at Team Sky’s nutritional partner, CNP, who explains that there is an easy way to work out how much protein is required on a daily basis. “You need approximately one gram of protein per pound of body weight spread throughout the day by consuming 4 , 5 or 6 small meals,” he says. “Cyclists seem to think they just need carbohydrates and don’t need protein, because they believe it will bulk them up and that protein supplements are just for body builders,” Riley continues. “If it was that easy to get big muscles body builders would be laughing. But you’re simply not going to get them from using protein products in isolation. But they will help in the repairing of muscle from the trauma of cardiovascular training, or an event, which will improve muscular fitness allowing the rider to push further in training to improve cardiovascular fitness. Mitchell has worked closely with CNP, who have produced a range of protein-based products to benefit Team Sky’s riders in different situations and times of day. One of these is ProPeptide, which the riders have as their milky drink of choice last thing at night. Riley explains that the protein in ProPeptide is undenatured, which means that it has been pasteurised at a lower heat than milk but over a longer period than would be the case in the normal pasteurisation process. This means that more of the vital bioactive fractions are conserved, making it more efficient in boosting the recovery and repair process within damaged muscles. “There’s a minimum heating requirement set down by the government that we adhere to, but by doing it at a lower temperature it’s a slower process but ensures that it’s higher in bioactive fractions, which aid muscle recovery. Using this undenatured protein in our products has been the basis of the company’s philosophy since it was established in 1998,” Riley says. CNP’s protein products also have another clever aspect to them, as Mitchell reveals. “Experience has shown them that most protein products were whey-based, which meant that they were very fast-absorbing. That meant that they were very good at delivering protein to the body for an hour or so. But what CNP have done is to combine different types of protein together to produce a longer-lasting effect when it comes to delivering protein to the body. They are mixed whey protein, egg or albumin protein and casein protein so that athletes get a drip-feed of protein over a much longer period, boosting their recovery considerably. “ProPeptide is one of those that combines different types of protein to produce a longer-lasting effect,” Mitchell adds. “We give it to the riders before they go to bed so that it can work while they are asleep. Because they are in a more anabolic state, the riders are recovering much more because they are not active. The ProPeptide feeds them with a mix of proteins over the course of the night, helping their muscles to recover and repair.” Mitchell says he’s been pleased by the positive feedback he’s had from Team Sky’s riders about ProPeptide. As with all CNP’s products it is used with water, providing a thick and creamy “shake” that some would be forgiven for thinking had been mixed with milk. “Some people do have the impression that protein products have to be taken with milk, but all of ours are designed to be taken with water,” Riley confirms. “You’re putting an inferior product into a quality product if you’re putting milk in. They’re nice and creamy anyway, so there’s no real reason to add milk into any of them.” The original article can be read here -

Fuel like Thor...


Photo: Clif Bar sponsored, Thor Hushovd, shared his Tour diet with Esquire magazine. Thor, who stands at 6 feet tall, has to eat 250 to 300 calories per hour while racing (the maximum that the body can absorb during exercise). His diet on the bike consists almost entirely of Clif bars, shot gels and shot blocks which helped him secure the yellow jersey in the early stages of this years Tour de France.

Mark Cavendish, Powerbar and SIS


Just been reading Cycling Weekly, it looks like Mark Cavendish must really like his sports nutrition products, he features in the advert for the new Powerbar Iso Active and Iso Max energy drinks then a few pages later he's also in the Science In Sport advert. I think his personal sponsor is Powerbar but the HTC team sponsor is SIS; I definately saw him taking a Powerbar Gel on todays stage before the first climb. Some interesting stats in the SIS advert on what an average SIS sponsored rider consumes during a Grand Tour - •93 litres of Go Electrolyte, PSP22, Rego and Nocte •60 Go Bars and Build Bars •130 Go Gels and Smart 1 Gels

Sports Beans Fruit Punch


Sports Beans are now available from us in Fruit Punch flavour. Sport Beans have been specially formulated to fuel your body during exercise delivering carbohydrates, electrolytes and vitamins. The small pack size makes them easy to carry and eat on the move.

Gu Espresso Love Now Available


We've grown quite found of GU energy gels over the last 12 months, the taste pretty good and just seem to work so we're excited about the GU Espresso Love flavoured gel being available in the UK. They're available now in single sachets, packs of 12 or packs of 24. We've also updated our mixed packs so if you want to try all the flavours we have mixed 12 or 24 pack sachets. Ingredients - Maltodextrin (Glucose Polymers), Filtered Water, Fructose, GU Amino Acid Blend (Leucine, Valine, Isoleucine, Histidine), Potassium And Sodium Citrate, GU Antioxidant Blend (Natural Vitamin E And Vitamin C), Natural Coffee Flavor, Citric Acid, Sea Salt, GU Herbal Blend [Chamomile, Cola Nut (Has Caffeine), Ginger], Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Pectin Nutritional Information per serving - •Energy - 100kcal •Protein - 0g •Carbohydrates - 25g (5g sugars) •Fat - 0g •Fibre - 0g •Sodium - 50mg •Potassium - 40mg

Coconut Chocolate Chip Clif Bars

2011-08-11 Clif bar have just launched a new flavour over the US, shame they're not likely to be available in the UK anytime soon :-( We do currently have Clif Bars available in Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin or Peanut Butter.

Mulebar Energy Pack Now Available

2011-08-12 We're now able to offer the Mulebar Energy pack, a great way to try the Mulebar range of bars, energy gels and protein bars.

Gu Espresso Love Review


We sent triathlete Kevin Holt some sachets of the new Gu Espresso Love energy gel to try. Espresso Love has been available in the US for some time but it's only just recently become available to us over the UK.

Here's what Kevin thought - I recently tried the Gu Sport Energy Gel "Espresso Love" flavor that thefeedstation sent me to test out. The GU Chocolate Espresso flavor is now one of my favorites,by miles and that's over 11 years of racing :) lam a massive coffee fan witch helps, but you just need to be careful about eating it late in the afternoon/early evening if you are sensitive to caffeine (i.e., it will keep you up all night). The GU website states that the caffeine is beneficial because "it acts as a stimulant— let’s call this the caffeine-kick effect—and it helps the body metabolize fat during exercise, providing the body with an additional fuel source." I had no idea that caffeine was not only great for performance, but also the waistline. Interesting, huh?! The "Espresso Love" flavor has 40 mg of caffeine. This is quite a bit of caffeine -- a cup of coffee typically has about 75 mg of caffeine. The other GU flavors also have 20 mg of caffeine, exc

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